Girlfriend or GFE While Traveling

When traveling many times on your search for potential girlfriends, most times you will think you are with a girlfriend but the truth of the matter is you are with a GFE. Girls who become GFE providers are trying to mask the fact that they are prostitutes. A GFE is an experience that a prostitute provides that makes it seem the same as the experience you would have if you were with a girlfriend hence GFE=girlfriend experience.

When I first started traveling I found myself in many dating scenarios that looking back were in fact GFE scenarios, they were good and worth it by all means but even still a person is easily mislead thinking that he is with a girl that actually has the potential to be a girlfriend.They do everything a girlfriend would do, they make out, they have actual conversations, they expect you to open their door, they call to say hello here and there, they never negotiate funds, instead they observe and strike when the opportunity arises, but be clear about one thing, all of that you are getting is a paid service. I was even with GFE providers that I did NOT pay at all throughout the week stay they stayed with me, but rather they were happy with just being my sidekick for that week and enjoying my daily routine with me, nice dinners, maybe a shirt at the mall as a gift for her while shopping, having fun out at the very best night clubs or even a concert.

When you first start dating foreign women it will be difficult to distinguish the difference of a GFE or a real girlfriend for a while. The good news is that a GFE provider, while not real can be a nice experience, in fact much nicer than finding those dry pussy, skanky, massage parlor or escort service providers. When in a bind and in a strange city for around 4 days, for me as I always prefer to have company a GFE is much better. While not the cleanest girl, she will be much cleaner then the escorts you can find. The difference is you will be taking her with you wherever you go which is really not a bad thing, think about it. Before going to dinner have a nice sex session, mid afternoon blow jobs, possible decent conversation while acting as your tour guide, pretty much do anything you want with her, anytime during the day or night. While an escort will charge you hourly or you will have to look for a new escort each time you felt like having some sex.

With the GFE, she usually doesn’t ask for money unless she is on the harder core side and is normally an hourly escort, just moonlighting as a GFE provider, usually she will either expect a few bucks at the end of each night as she goes to see her mom or goes home to change clothes and take care of the house needs until early evening again. Or she will bring a suitcase and stay with you the whole time and payment will be in the form of shopping or she will mention a day or so prior to you leaving of something that she is needing money for. It really is the much better bargain. With that being said, a GFE provider does get jealous, will try to mask you from other women during your stay as they will want to protect there money source, they know at the blink of an eye they can lose you to another GFE provider so they try to stay with you as much as possible during your stay.

Another reason why GFE girls will not get super greedy with you on your stay is they know they will have someone that may be willing to send them a Western Union every now and then, through communications on skype or MSN. It can be difficult for the layman to know whether or not he is with a GFE provider, or he may lie to himself not caring becuase those times can be insanely good, not resembling a hooker experience in any way. Having a hot girl to bang whenever you want, or having that hot babe wait for you at the airport and stay with you the whole trip, just like a real girlfriend. Some of these guys have never experienced that in the U.S.A and it is real hard to resist an 8 pr 9 hanging out with you on your trips. However as you travel more and become aware of the differences you will realize that the GFE provider is a waste of real time although the sex is hot.

How do you know if she is a GFE provider? It’s tough, really tough but you must ask yourself and look upon your trips and see how much cash you actually spent on her during your stay. Did she ask you for a little something at the end of the trip? Would she do the same thing with any foreign man traveling to her city? Notice the details and also take note of how familiar she is with your culture and anything resembling gringo.

I remember I was in Cali and at a club one night and this beautiful girl came over to me, wow she had the longest shiny hair with this 5’6″ curved out body that just drove me nuts. She started talking to me and this was not a tourist club or a hooker meeting club, this was a Saturday night real electronic music disco in Cali. I got her number and made sure to call her the next night, I did and we stayed together the rest of my 3 day trip and it was amazing, she didn’t ask me for a penny but I instead took her everywhere with me and the other guy I was in Cali with along with his daily prostitutes that we picked up for him(he preferred that). At night she and I would talk alot in the room, and she told me that she had a gringo boyfriend from a western state. Which further solidifies my saying that if your girl goes out to clubs on the weekends while your not around, you are wasting your time, she will be getting laid either with locals or other gringos. I can only imagine how in love this guy was with this 9 or 10 I was with, but yet I was watching the sweat from my head drip off onto her face or into her mouth as we banged all over the room while he was back in the States counting down the days for the next flight in to see the love of his life. He was probably thinking about marrying this girl. I loved her style as she wore white gym pants for pj’s at night and had no objection to walking around totally naked in the room which was like a automatic horny builder no matter how many loads already shot. She was surely a GFE provider but in a subtle way, she claimed that she met him on one of the dating sites that I have listed on this site.

Whether you know it or not, your girlfriend may be a GFE and it might not be a bad experience to have at first to break the ice with these women. Enjoy massive sexual moments with them, get a taste of the jealousy that you will be experiencing in this venture whether you like it or not. A GFE will be part of the learning curve, no matter where you met her, she could be a GFE provider.