Santiago Dominican Republic Journals

A continual report of my good friend Patrick after having many, many trips to both Medellin and Bogota, dating at least 30 different Colombian girls, was not able to ultimately find his love so he turned to Santiago. Many of you have been following the previous posts regarding the Dominican Journals and today is the day.

Patrick will marry this evening at 8pm. The wedding will be civil and small with the party at the home of her parents and none of his friends or family will be there. However, towards the end of the year he will have the real festival which myself and many other New York friends will be attending.

He called last night nervous as his flight was at 6am this morning. It will hopefully be his last day as a single man and although having fun with so many beautiful Colombian girls while trying to find one worth his time in marrying, the times were still unforgettable and untouchable for many men that will never experience the real fruit of South American women, even if not marriage material.

I wish Patrick luck with his new wife and look forward to the party in Santiago and hopefully the late Bachelor party at that time as well.