The Latest Dominican Republic Trip

The latest Dominican Republic trip has come to an end. It’s funny how you wait so long to go and the trip goes by so fast normally. He goes around every 1 and 1/2 months and the trip usually lasts less than 5 days which is the norm usually. For those of us that run local business or work regular hours, its sometimes tough to get away for more than a long weekend. Five days to me is a good short trip time. The question is are five days each trip really long enough to get to know a woman enough to marry her? It’s risky but I think so, if the choice is as smart as it could be for those few days and maximizing the phone calls and video calls daily. Any way you go about it seems the risks are the same, there will always be things that come out later that surprise you. Just hopefully non crazy bitch violent things.

The trip went well, he went with the girlfriend, brother, wife and their son to a resort that was just a decent resort. He flipped the bill for all of them which ran in excess of 1.5k. He says she is a really good girl and he will most likely marry her on the next trip in January. Then later on have a real wedding style party over there which I will have to fly into.

The only thing that he has to really think about is the having more kids fact. She will definitely want kids and he is at a point where more kids might not be in his best interest as he just finished paying a college tuition for one of his own. We shall see, but all in all the trip went excellent and the relationship continues. We will keep you posted.

My buddy leaves again for his 4th trip to his girlfriend in Santiago. This trip they will be renting a car and going to a resort close by for around 5 days. He will be going with the girlfriend, her brother and wife is joining them so the parents are ok with it. This is a very important trip for him as he has been pondering the idea of marriage for the first time in a long time. It will have been after dating at least 25 different Colombian girls that just weren’t right for his tastes.

He knew it had to be a Latin girl as most of us know, it’s not many that go out with beautiful Latin girls and decide to head back to the states for a potential wife. So one afternoon he decided to hit the Dominican and check it out. It was Santiago, where he found this beautiful girl and I wish him all the luck with her. So far she seems just right, very simple, good looking, non abrasive, non ambitious and definitely not a slut.

In the next 2 weeks, I will report the story of this trip and if he decides to tie the knot. Stay tuned for the Dominican journals…

My friend has been planning for the next trip over to Santiago, however this time he has been asking her to go away with him for around a week so they can finally have some decent alone time.
He says he is getting tired of just hanging out with the parents, or the aunts house. He doesn’t speak Spanish and no one there speaks any English, so I can imagine how bored he is. For me while in Colombia, even the fact that I am fluent in Spanish, I am still bored to death just hanging out in peoples homes just bullshitting. So I normally go outside and usually some other family members will be outside as well. At least you can catch the view while talking outside. See some hot ass girls from the block hanging around or stopping by.

In my friends case, he is not only stuck in side these homes all day, but he has no chance of getting laid at night either. I mean crazy, how long can you make out without dropping the panties. So he asks her to join him in like some resort for the week, and she is like, but my father is so strict, how do I do it and so on. Check this out. She wants to go, but she wants to lie when she returns saying she got married.LOL

In other words she would just take off, without asking permission and just come back a week later and say they are married. My friend was like no, he doesn’t like that. Even in the name of getting laid with this girl all week, he doesn’t feel right telling a bullshit story upon return. Personally, I was thinking aa this chick is trying to pull a fast one and just pressure my buddy into marriage. The funny thing is she can try that bullshit for a while, he won’t jump into it. I know him too well. He will eventually marry if things go very well between them, probably in around eight months to a year.