Top Tours Amazing Activities In Cancun & Riviera Maya

There is a large list of tours you can take from Cancun, from a real submarine expedition to a horse ride through the forest.

Here we have chosen a selection of them and linked 3 different websites where you can find more information and other tours options.

Our recommendations? Well, Cancun & Riviera Maya have unique natural beauties that worth to know once you are here, so we recommend tours or excursions that include those unique attractions.

For example, in Cozumel island is located the second largest coral reef system in the world, and the sea life around it is amazing. You wont find this anywhere else. You can admire it by taking a scuba diving tour or an Atlantis Submarine tour. Atlantis has some additional benefits, like the chance to visit Playa del Carmen and Cozumel, enjoy a nice boat ride to Cozumel island, with an open terrace at the roof and, off course, the experience of being in a real submarine that goes down up to 100 ft. (check our Specials).

Other exclusive attractions in the area are the colonial haciendas, the cenotes and Merida City. You can visit them by taking one or more tours or, better, by renting a car and driving to Merida City stoping by the cenotes, haciendas and Mayan inhabited towns on the way.

Also, it is recommendable to take one or two days to visit Chichen Itza Mayan ruins, Tulum, Coba or Uxmal. There are many tours that will make you easier to enjoy these amazing places.

Finally, if you like sport fishing, Cancun (and specially, Cozumel) offer great chances to catch big pieces. The ocean between Cozumel and mainland is deep and cold and is a natural way for many species to go to the Golf of Mexico. There are many tours in Cancun as well as in Cozumel that will give you a great service, but we recommend the one we sale, as we have try it and we loved the experience.. and the price! Actually we promote them for free. But any tour you decide to take will be very good, as local fishermen have all the experience required in this area and all of them have a very good quality in service.

Other ideas for funny tours are to swim with dolphins, drive a speed boat through the lagoon, dance and diner in a pirate boat or snorkel in eco or theme parks

For comparison purposes between tours take into account:

Tours are not necessarily the same in all websites. Tour operators may be different, and the service may vary between them.
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Tour Description

Atlantis Submarine Adventure
Admire the tropical fishes and the great coral formations of the Caribbean aboard of this real submarine 100 ft. underwater.

Chichen Itza
A guided visit to the most impressive city of the legendary Mayan Civilization.

Swim With Dolphins
Swim with these wonderful creatures and watch them performing amazing stunts close to you.

Swim With Whale Sharks
Swim with the biggest shark of the world, totally inoffensive, in its natural habitat. You may see dolphins and giant manta rays too.

Deep Sea Fishing
Span the blue waters of the Mexican Caribbean and try to catch your barracuda, tuna, sailfish, marlin, mahi mahi or wahoo!

Scuba Diving
The Mexican Caribbean has the second largest coral reef system in the world and Cozumel is considered one of the very top places to dive.

Captain Hook
A pirates adventure aboard of a Spanish 17th century galleon replica.

Jungle Tour
Explore the mangrove canals aboard of a speed boat driven by yourself.

An exciting approach to the wonders the Mexican Caribbean keeps underwater.

Theme Parks
Xcaret and Xel-Ha are the most popular theme parks in the Riviera Maya and is really worth to visit them.

Other Interesting Tours in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Cancun and Riviera Maya are plenty of natural beauties and exciting places to explore. You will find an endless number of different tours available through tour operators or travel agencies, but certainly there are many other tours you can do by yourself taking advantage of public transportation or renting a car.

Sian Kaan
A tour to Sian Kaan natural reserve will give you the chance to experience the Cancun and Riviera Maya beaches as they were before tourism development. Best way to get there is by car and once there, you wont have problems to find really nice and rustic cabins totally friendly with its environment.

Isla Mujeres
Crossing to Isla Mujeres is a nice tour that you can do by taking a taxi or public transportation and a ferry to the island. Once in the island, best beaches and downtown are at walking distances.

There are hundreds of cenotes all around Quintana Roo and Yucatan States. If you rent a car, you will find almost a cenote in each small town you pass through. Just ask to anyone in the town and they will gladly give you the directions to get to the town’s cenote. Just take into account that you will need to speak a little Spanish (or Maya). This is definitively an amazing tour, as the cenotes are really magical.

Haciendas of Yucatan
This is another attraction you will find anywhere in Yucatan State. The Haciendas were wealthy farms of XVIII, XIX and XX Centuries. Now almost all of them are abandoned or have become into fancy hotels. The buildings are colonial and they are surrounded by a fresh and beautiful forest. This could be a great tour and you can combine it with a one day visit to Merida Yucatan, “the colonial white city” and main city of the Peninsula of Yucatan.

Mayan Ruins
Other tours you can do by yourself are visits to some of the many the Mayan Ruins of Quintana Roo and Yucatan. Renting a car will make it easier, cheaper and funnier, and also will give you the chance to stop by some cenotes or small towns nearby.

Holbox Island
The attraction of this tour is the natural and rustic environment that Holbox still preserves. It is a small island with sand streets only with beautiful virgin beaches, a river that connects to the sea and cozy cabins made from wood and palm in front of the ocean. It worths to stay at least one night in this tour, as nights in Holbox are a magical experience.