What Nebraska Leaders Say About The Nebraska Centennial Mall Project

Here’s what Nebraska leaders say about the Nebraska Centennial Mall project……

“Nebraskans are rightly proud of our unique State Capitol building whose beauty and interpretative features truly reflect the state’s rich history, values, and aspirations. Its renowned architect, Bertram Goodhue, rightly advocated that the building’s environs should be designed, developed, and maintained in a manner complementary to the beauty and signal importance of the Capitol to the citizens of our state and to all who visit or view this monument on the plains.

“Recognizing that goal, I prepared and introduced legislation in the 1970s as a state senator which created the Capitol Environs Commission. Time has surely taken its toll on the Centennial Mall since its inception in 1967. Therefore, now it is time to restore and dramatically improve this seven-block mall to better reflect and celebrate the history, citizen accomplishments, and geographic features that define us and which are sources of pride and
inspiration for all of our citizens. This undertaking should be a widely supported effort by all Nebraskans.”
— Doug Bereuter, Member of Congress (1979-2004)

“From the perspective of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Centennial Mall is about more than just Lincoln. Indeed, this public corridor represents the entire Cornhusker State and its entire people – past and present. Like the National Mall in Washington D.C., our Centennial Mall connects Nebraskans with some of their most important institutions: the State Capitol and the University of Nebraska. Our mall reflects Nebraska’s history, our values, and our statewide community. The Nebraska Chamber supports the revitalization of this
important Nebraska treasure.”
-Barry L. Kennedy, President, Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“Nebraska is rich with history, and Nebraskans take great pride in the role each and everyone has played in our state’s history. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for counties and communities statewide to have representation in such a significant renovation that compliments the integrity of our State Capitol and the strength on our people. Nebraska’s Centennial Mall represents the past, present and future for Nebraskans to embrace and become a part of, connecting us all across the state through the spirit of its being.”
–Kathy McKillip, MPA,MS, Director, Nebraska Travel & Tourism

“I believe Nebraska counties should be involved in this project in order to promote the rich heritage that exists in all 93 counties. Each county has had at least one individual, one unique location or historical event that has contributed in making the county known across the state of Nebraska. The NE pathway program offers each county an opportunity to participate and identify a part of their heritage that will be in place for all Nebraskans and visitors to see. In doing so all who walk the pathway will gain an appreciation of the important role each
county plays in Nebraska history.”
-Larry Dix, Executive Director, Nebraska Association of County Officials

“The Revitalizing Nebraska’s Centennial Mall project is very much in the spirit of the Nebraska Humanities Council’s own mission of cultivating an understanding of our history and culture throughout the state. As is the case with the State Capitol and the University that bookend it, the Centennial Mall has the potential of being embraced as a treasure ‘owned’ by the entire state. That potential is becoming a reality! We applaud the campaign leaders for recognizing the educational opportunity of the project and incorporating stories of great Nebraskans into the Spirit of Nebraska Pathway. We look forward to joining the many other organizations
and individuals who are contributing in different ways to the project becoming a reality for the benefit of all Nebraskans.”
-Christopher Sommerich, Executive Director, Nebraska Humanities Council

“Nebraska’s Centennial Mall has been, and should continue to be, a source of pride for Nebraskans throughout the state. The renovation project is the way to ensure that happens.”
-Kent Warneke, Editor, the Norfolk Daily News

“I am extremely supportive of the Nebraska Centennial Mall renovation project as a key part of the restoration of the grandeur of our state capitol and its environs. As a native Nebraskan, community banker and, perhaps most importantly, as someone who truly knows the value of this wonderful state after spending many years in Washington, D.C., I have a special personal perspective on the importance of this project. Just as the beautiful monuments in Washington, D. C. represent the pride, heritage and unity of the American people, the State Capitol and Nebraska Centennial Mall represent the pride and unity of everyone in our great state.”
-Andrew “Skip” Hove, Community banker, former president of the Nebraska Bankers Association and former chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Washington, D.C.

“I take great pride in our family’s Nebraska roots and the significant role our State Capitol has played in the history of our great state. As a community banker and concerned citizen, I can wholeheartedly support and endorse the renovation of Nebraska’s Centennial Mall. The mall is the gateway to the Nebraska State Capitol and is a major part of the lasting tradition of this very important symbol of our state.”
–Sam Baird, Community banker, former chair of the Nebraska Bankers Association and former Director of the State Department of Banking

“The Mall is the front yard of our beautiful Capitol. It has important visitors from Lincoln, from Nebraska, and from around the world–and people like me who just come to enjoy that place. I hope other kids, our governmentleaders and other adults across Nebraska, join me and the Lincoln Rainbow Girls to raise awareness and support for our Centennial Mall.”
–Zoe Maurer, a student at Lincoln Southeast High School

“In 1872, Nebraskan J. Sterling Morton proposed the nation’s first tree-planting holiday. A century later, the Arbor Day Foundation was launched to bring the spirit of conservation and stewardship to the forefront throughout the year. In that spirit, the Foundation is pleased to support the renovation of Nebraska’s Centennial Mall, the gateway to our historic state capitol. We are proud of our Nebraska heritage and urge fellow citizens to join us in embracing this worthy endeavor.”
–National Arbor Day Foundation