30 Years of Experience Performing Electrical Maintenance Service

Your facilities electrical system depends on efficient internal power delivery and distribution to run profitably day in and day out. That’s why it makes sense to test your electrical equipment prior to acceptance and at regular intervals to ensure safe, reliable operation. By performing regular industrial electrical maintenance tests you become aware of possible hidden problems in your electrical system before they become disasters. Through regular testing you can avoid expensive failures and unscheduled outages, as well as personal injury to your employees.

The best way to ensure that your testing program meets all your maintenance objectives is by understanding and following electrical testing standards developed and used by professional electrical testing organizations, such Industrial Tests, Inc. We are recognized as an independent, third party electrical testing company dedicated to setting the standard in electrical maintenance and acceptance testing.

Electrical Systems Testing
In any environment, it is vital to know if machinery is operating improperly. Following installation, Industrial Tests, Inc. can retrieve start up test data for use as baseline operating conditions. This baseline data can be used to develop a long-term predictive/preventive maintenance program. Proper implementation of a predictive/preventive maintenance program will find hidden potential problems which can be addressed in an economical fashion, before costly faults occur.

Power Transformer Testing
Since the early days of electricity, it was quickly learned that a transformer was needed to transform system voltages up or down for the purposes of transmission, distribution, and utilization. The transformer contains no moving parts and performs this job most efficiently. However, year after year hundreds of them fail. In virtually every case these failures can be detected through simple cost-effective preventive maintenance techniques that can be performed during an annual substation maintenance shutdown or during the normal work day. The failure of a power transformer can be a crushing blow to your business. The cost of the actual repair combined with the costs for temporary rentals and lost production can be staggering. In today’s economy it behooves business to use it’s money wisely in preventing failures through periodic testing. Electrical transformer testing should be a part of every electrical maintenance program.

Circuit Breaker Timing Tests
The circuit breaker is the most important and complicated of all power circuit interruption equipment. Incorrect operation can have disastrous consequences on the equipment and site personnel, as well as a loss of revenue caused by costly repairs. The timing of a breaker is the time measurement of its mechanical operations and is done to verify its integrity and working order. Timing tests are performed first in the factory during routine testing and second during on-site commissioning. Timing tests should also be performed at regular intervals during their lifetime and are a powerful tool for troubleshooting faulty breakers.

What’s Hot in Infrared Thermography
Thermographic analysis, if performed correctly can precisely locate and distinguish anything from loose connections to circuit overloads to motor shaft misalignment. When done incorrectly, uptime can become downtime in a hurry. Indirect measurements, environmental influences, and an absence of a pro-active maintenance focus can negatively impact the success of a predictive maintenance program. Proactive audits of the electrical system can prevent costly downtime and equipment loss. History repeats itself, and the experience we have gained in decades of testing give us a unique insight to locate hot spots and gage their severity. Experienced thermographers take pictures or video of electrical equipment to find trouble before it becomes a catastrophe. Infrared ports can now be added to new gear or retrofitted to existing gear, which reduces the time and cost of thermographic testing. At Industrial Tests, Inc. our experienced thermographers can provide real-world examples of incidents caught, cost-savings recouped, and the challenges involved in finding What’s Hot.

Cable Testing
Industrial Tests, Inc. offers an effective, precise, and conclusive way to evaluate the “health” older service-aged cables for future reliability. A new approach using low frequency testing is offered as an option which reduces unnecessary cable stress while testing for both service-aged and new cables.

Grounding, Ground Resistance and Soil Resistivity Testing
This service provides a condition assessment of a customer’s grounding system. Particular emphasis is paid to the definition of soil resistivity and grounding. Various test methodologies are used to perform soil resistivity testing and ground resistance tests. The Wenner method used for soil resistivity testing is typically offered. We can also perform three different types of ground resistance tests: fall of potential, selection, and clamp-on (stakeless).

Condition Based Maintenance
Faced with increased demands and growing competition, many utilities and industries are seeking to maximize the value of their existing assets by leveraging new technologies to optimize Operations and Maintenance activities. One of the most successful maintenance strategies is a conditioned-based approach which utilizes data collected from periodic inspections, testing, and predictive maintenance technologies to determine the optimum maintenance requirements. Contrary to the traditional time-based maintenance approach, Condition-Based Maintenance is a process which utilizes monitoring and diagnostic data to drive the maintenance decision process. Our Management Level services include:
Data Management vs. Work Management
Automating the data collection process
Maximizing how data is utilized for maintenance decision making.
Integrating periodic condition monitoring into the maintenance work process
Automating CBM data analysis and management
Utilization of the Internet to implement asset management strategies

Predictive/Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Periodic testing establishes baselines and trends that indicate when major maintenance, reconditioning, or replacement will be required. This knowledge gives you more time to plan the most efficient, effective, and cost-effective maintenance programs. You can count on Industrial Tests, Inc. to know which strategies will yield the best ROI for you. If you are in need of electrical systems check were the company to call.