Industrial Tests, Inc. offers Tailgate Motor Service

, an industry standard! Value added field operations are our business, including motor diagnostics, motor removal, expeditious repairs with our alliance partners, and motor installation so your motor, and operation gets back in business, fast!

Motor Field Services:
• On-site motor analysis
• Vibration analysis
• Balancing
• Laser alignment
• Motor change-out
• Diagnostics
• Disconnecting and pulling motors
• Motor repairs
• Motor installation
• Troubleshooting

Vibration Analysis
Reduce motor and rotating equipment failure by as much as 75% by utilizing Industrial Tests, Inc. Vibration Analysis Program. Our program
can observe changes in the condition of all your rotating equipment. Early detection of any problems can allow corrective action to be taken before a catastrophic failure occurs.
Typical problems that can be located are unbalance, bad bearings, mechanical looseness,
worn gears, misalignment, and various electrical problems.

Laser Alignment

Reduce machine breakdowns by 50% and keep your machines in top operating condition when you have Industrial Tests, Inc. laser align your equipment.

Precision alignment by Industrial tests, Inc,. technicians can help to decrease downtime, motor vibration, load and the resultant heat on bearings, potential damage to driven equipment, and power consumption. Laser alignment will increase equipment efficiency and the life of your machinery.