SF6 and Oil Circuit Breaker Services

No matter what brand of breaker you own, Industrial Tests, Inc. can repair or service it. Breakers, like all electrical equipment, need regular preventive maintenance. Outdoor breakers need continuous maintenance due to use and interruptions due to faults. Explosive gases can build up in OCBs, which can have disastrous results. Don’t let your expensive electrical equipment deteriorate because of neglect. Problems can be found and corrected with regular inspection and servicing, savings thousands of dollars in down time and costly repairs.

Oil Circuit Breakers

Your OCBs require regular visual inspection for physical damage, loose anchorage, alignment, and grounding. All mechanical operations and contact alignment tests should be conducted on both the circuit breaker and it’s operating mechanism. The bus work should be inspected for loose joints. A check for oil leaks and oil condition tests should be performed.
Electrical tests such as contact resistance, trip/close coil voltage tests, insulation resistance tests, and others need to be routinely performed and trended for proper and safe operation.

SF6 & Vacuum Circuit Breakers

These units also need to be inspected for physical damage and erosion. Nameplates should be checked against document files. Anchorage, alignment, and grounding, as well as bolted bus joints need to be inspected. Inspection for SF6 or vacuum leaks should be performed.

Breaker contact resistance, insulation resistance of each pole to ground, over-potential tests, as well as others are all required to be completed at routine intervals for safe operational assurance.