How To Organize Your Gmail Inbox And Make It More Efficient

How to Organize Your Gmail Inbox

Besides using filters and labels to organize your mail, there is also a way to organize the way you view your messages in your inbox. You can change the look of how your emails are displayed on the home screen.

Home Screen

If you click on the settings button which is the wheel button on the upper right hand corner, you will see options to choose from there. You will see options on the top that say Comfortable, Cozy, and Compact. Try click on these settings and refreshing the screen. You will see how the emails in your inbox start to either expand or cramp together. Some people like to see everything together so they can scroll through there messages with their eyes very fast instead of scrolling down the screen. Others may find compact too hard to read and need more space in between message. Cozy is in between these two options.


If you mouse over Inbox on the left hand side you will see an arrow next to it. Click on this arrow and you will have options on how to view your inbox. The classic way is how you see your inbox now. The other options will separate your important emails and starred emails and even your unread emails and put them as priority at the top.

Starred/Important Emails

Automatically Gmail starts checking some of your emails as important with the yellow tag next to the email. We can train Gmail to change this. Gmail does this based off of how many times you email this person or receive emails from them, what keywords you happen to have in the majority of your emails, and recently starred emails. If you continue to un-check the yellow tags, within a day Gmail will recognize from who you make these alterations from and will remember to no longer count it as important. This also applies to if you happen to make the emails important or