LunaTik Taktik: Cases, Covers & Skins Testimonials

Heard something thump under the car then saw what looked like a piece of black truck tire rolling along the highway. The Lunatik SEISMIK attached to my iPhone 5 just flew off my car at 40mph. I’m writing you this email from my iPhone. Remarkably engineered case. Im a loyal owner and recommend your cases to many.

TAKTIK: Combat-Tested
Since the TakTik Kickstarter Campaign, I went out and got the TikTok, the Lunatik, the Touch Pen, and The Chubby Stylus (in pink) for the the lil one. When I caught site of the Lunatik TakTik for the iPhone 4S on Kickstarter, I knew instantly that it was not only the case that I wanted but the case that I actually needed, and I jumped onboard the TAKTIK train. I have always had an obsession with rugged cases and had grown tired of replacing one every 6 months because the rubber/silicon outer shell had stretched out and/or ripped. Needless to say the anticipation of actually having the TakTik in my hand was almost unbearable and I became obsessed with the constant updates that you guys provided through Kickstarter.

When I finally got my hands on it and was unboxing it and getting ready to put my phone into the TakTik case I was as giddy as a tweenage girl at a Justin Beiber concert (3+ years ago before everyone realized he was a major douche), which is hard to do considering Im 62″, 250 lbs, and in the military. I started with the black aluminum custom limited edition bezels and after about 6 months or so changed it up and went with the white polymer bezels. I changed the colors of the silicone and port covers several times and made sure I took full advantage of the Kickstarter reward I received. Eventually I decided to stick with the black truss and white silicone bezels and gold port cover. In the fall of 2012 I decided to volunteer to deploy to Afghanistan with the Army National Guard. I of course would be taking my phone with me and I decided to leave it wrapped in the TakTik and I am so glad that I did. I have always believed that owning a iPhone is an investment and you have to protect your investments. I can honestly say that it is because of the long hours of design and hardwork that you all contributed to the first line of TakTik phone cases that I was able to protect my investment (phone).

The case made it through an entire deployment in Afghanistan, so as far as I am concerned you guys can officially say that your cases have been combat tested in a deployed combat environment. The only damage that the case had at the end of a yearlong deployment was 2 separate small cracks in the back bezel just under the silencer switch and a small tear in the port cover. I was asked on a regular basis throughout my deployment by many people (mostly military brothers of mine) where I had purchased the TakTik and how they could get one of their own. This is where perfect timing played its part because you had finally released the LUNATIK App and I was able to send them the information via the LUNATIK App so they could research the cases more themselves and purchase the cases for themselves. Needless to say this case was by far the best case that I could have possibly imagined having my phone protected in and I wanted you guys to now that I appreciate the effort that you put into designing this case.

“I dont have one amazing story, I have many. My phone has fallen two stories out of a window onto concrete. Its fallen into the pool. It was lost on the beach overnight and survived the sand and tide. It has been dropped on many surfaces, and once even got caught under a scooter. And since I work with teens, the amount my phone has been stolen from me, and thrown around the room are countless. The case once left a mark on the wall, prompting my students to nickname my phone, The Tank. Needless to say, this case has saved me from a lot of potential frustration. Without it, I would surely be on iPhone number 22. Thanks for making a sleek, durable product. Not only do I never want to buy another case made by another company again, I dont need to because of the quality of my TAKTIK case. In fact, I wont even upgrade to the iPhone 5S until I have a new TAKTIK case to dress it in.” – Mat von Ehrenkrook

“A friend of mine recently asked me for the time, as I pulled my LUNATIK protected phone from my pocket it fell out of my hand. As I went to grab my phone, I ended up instead giving it an underhand smack, similar to the way you would bump a volleyball. My phone launched into the air and down the basement steps. Landing somewhere near the middle of the staircase, the LUNATIK protected iPhone landed on its edge and bounced into the air and came to rest at the bottom of the stairs. Had my phone been unprotected or in a lesser case, I would be taking advantage of my phones insurance policy, as Im sure the glass would have shattered. The rubber truss system found on the LUNATIK Seismik is directly responsible for saving my phone from damage. That incident alone has made me a believer in the quality, craftsmanship, and effectiveness of LUNATIK products. Buy with confidence people, this product works.” – Brian Barton

TAKTIK Goes to the Hospital
A couple of weeks ago, as I was leaving my house to see my wife who was in the hospital, I dropped my phone in the street in front of my house. Obviously I had no idea that I had dropped it. It was not until after I got to the hospital that I realized my phone was not in its holster and I assumed I left it on my dresser this morning.

Well about 9 hours later I get a call from my dad, on my wifes phone. He proceeds to tell me that he tried to call me on my cell phone and was shocked when my neighbor answered it. He told him he had found it laying in the street. I was led to believe that the phone was badly damaged.

When I finally got home, my neighbor brought the phone over to me. He said he noticed it in the street earlier that day but did not realize it was a phone and did not pick it up. It wasnt until he saw several cars run over it when he finally realized it was my cell phone.

He gave me the phone and it had some deep pitting on the face of it, as it was obviously face down on the asphalt. Also the red metal plug earphone plug cover in no longer closes properly. BUT to my shock the phone still worked, although I had to press the screen hard at times to get the keys to respond. When I removed the phone from the case, there was not a single scratch on it and it worked Perfectly!!! It seems the case my have been warped slightly from all the cars driving over it, but it saved my phone!!

As soon as my wife gets back to work, I plan on buying me a new case!! Thanks Lunatik and my Extreme Case!!! You guys saved my phone!!!!!

TAKTIK survives a storm
So today I decided I would leave my phone on top of my car in the pouring rain, along the way my iphone 5s fell off the roof and landed in the middle of a busy road. 1 hr later I realized I didnt have my phone and used my GFs phone to track my iphone and realised it was an hour back the way we came. I sheepishly drove along the road where my find my iphone app was telling me my phone was located. By this time the phone had been in the rain for a good hr and probably had over 100 sets of tires run over the top of it. I looked about 30ms ahead as I drove super slow to see my iphone laying face down in the Lunatik strike case, a few seconds later and a large 4×4 comes around the corner and punches it once more while it was down. I swing the door open hanging my hand out ready to scope it up (hoping i dont run over it also) sure enough i see it come into reach and notice glass everywhere, i fear the worst. I grab the phone flip it over and there it sits snug in its case without a scratch. The case was dented, scratched, warped, and glass cover was smashed into a million pieces but my phone looked like it just had come out of the box. Thanks Lunatik for making an awesome case that retards who leave their iphone on top of the car can sleep sound at night knowing that their phone is safe.

The Construction Workers Dream Case
“It all started when about two months ago I purchased LUNATIK TAKTIK Extreme, desperately in need of a cellphone cover. I am a construction worker, working in dust, mud, heights and constantly on the move.
I had to change cellphones at least twice in a year due to accidents that happened at work. These accidents ended in broken screens and phone covers, dust trapped in phone frame; thus changing the newest phone quality into… an old, used and neglected phone. I got frustrated as all the phones were expensive and the covers coming with the phones never helped except making me more angrier. Realizing that it is just a waste of money and waste of nerves, i finally gave a decision to buy a classic phone for work to prevent any damages. However, by curiosity, i started to search for any possible strong, heroine cover that would rescue the damages. I found LUNATIK TAKTIK Extreme. Reading about its strength, I took the plunge and bought the cover… I always keep my cellphone in my tool-belt. However, at least once a week, I get the phone dropped where it could have ended with scratches or worse. Unfortunately, this week an accident happened. I was removing a brick wall working on a ladder and i heard my phone ringing. I went to reach for the phone but not realizing my phone wasnt on me. Again, I got scared fearing for the worst as i searched for my phone from up the ladder. I looked around and found my phone down the ladder faced down on a pile of bricks. I immediately jumped from the ladder and reached for my phone. The screen was broken so i removed the cover to check on my iphone.
For the first time, from two months, i removed my iphone from the cover with no signs of dust, scratch or any damages. At last, that made me realize that i had no regrets purchasing my last hope, the LUNATIK TAKTIK EXTREME cover.
I think that every construction worker should have this cover.” – Tomasz Skora

“Set my phone in my lap while driving and forgot about it, I was in a hurry to get to work and I jumped outta my car flinging the phone across the street hearing nothing but scrapes. First thing I thought was its over my phone is done, until I picked it up and inspected the damage. The phone was fine! But the paint pealed. This is why I choose TAKTIK because it was made to get beat up, it takes the hits so your phone doesnt have to. A truly amazing case. Im pretty hard on my cell phones. Currently, my TAKTIK case is protecting my 9th iPhone. Ive used every case out there, and when I saw this case on Kickstarter, I knew I needed to be a part of it. I cannot remember a single Christmas or birthday where I received something I was more excited about than when my stealth black aluminum iPhone 4 case arrived. I remember being surprised that it was screen printed in white, but was excited that it was serialized with the number 0007.” – Alex Cazanas

TAKTIK Tackles Concrete
“I work as a technician for an engineering firm in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I was testing concrete for a new foundation at a library addition at an Elementary School. My phone dropped out of the my safety vest pocket and into a five-gallon bucket of water used for cleaning the concrete equipment. I had no idea it had fallen out of my pocket and didnt realize that I had even left it in my pocket until about 15 minutes later when I emptied the bucket, pitching the concrete/water mixture on to the dirt to and noticed the phone rolling across the ground! I picked it up, rinsed it off and turned it on…fingers crossed…the phone worked fine. I was so relieved. I cracked it open when I got home, because I didnt have the little Allen screw thing with me. Upon inspection there was no moisture or anything inside.” – Jason Brook

TAKTIK: Peace of Mind
“I was on a hike in Sequoia national park. Its a place of meditation, where Nature makes you speechless with its beauty. My buddy and I had taken a vacation from our 9 to 5 jobs to do some backpacking and camping, and re-discover what this amazing planet had in store for us. As we hiked through the Redwood forest, we found a perfect spot along a small creek to set down our packs and try fishing, since we saw some small fish darting through the crystal clear water. I sat on a massive sequoia tree that had fallen and formed a perfect bridge over the stream. The view was unbelievable, sunlight streaming through the green leaves overhead, animals peeking at us through the brush. I saw some movement in the water down stream, and decided to follow it, hoping for a bigger catch. Unfortunately, right when I stood up, my iPhone fell out of my pocket. It was about a ten foot drop where I heard it slam on a boulder before bouncing into the water. But for some reason, I wasnt worried at all. In fact, I was almost excited. I had a TakTik Extreme on my iPhone 5, and had a strange sense of calm about something that would have been ordinarily a stressful experience. Instead of instantly fretting about how I would recover my contacts list, and salvage the data I had on my phone, and the pictures, and how I could possibly afford another phone, I now had a peace of mind. I was able to enjoy the rest of the trip, knowing that my valuable electronics were safe. That moment alone proved to me the value of this case. Its not just something that protected my phone. It gave me a peace of mind and preserved my experiences. That in itself is invaluable. If my iPhone was lost on that trip, I wouldnt be able to enjoy the trip to the fullest, having to think about the hassle of losing something so valuable. And I never would have had a chance to be there, at that time, ever again. Time is of the essence, and TakTik allows you to go forward with your lifestyle, and never have to stop.” – David

“I bought my TAKTIK Strike at the beginning of the summer months. Since then it has been dropped, beaten, and stepped on. In every instance my phone has survived without a scratch. Recently, I took a trip to Boone, North Carolina for a college visit. While I was there, I took advantage of the great hiking trails. On one such occasion, I decided to take my phone out to get a panoramic shot of the beautiful blue ridge parkway; however, on the way out of my pocket my jacket sleeved snagged on my backpack and I ended up hurling my phone over the edge of the rock I was standing on. The phone took a drop between 40-50 feet, and landed on its back. My phone is in perfect working order today, and survived without a scratch. Thanks LUNATIK! Never going back to another case!” – Jack Kesselman

Saved by TAKTIK on a motorcycle
So I was out on my motorcycle one day with my buds, and we went out to the dirt tracks. I had forgotten that my phone was in my pocket and was doing tons of crazy stunts, like front flips, back flips, side spins. While I was preforming my stunt, which was a 360º back flip from a ramp, my iPhone flew out of my pocket and flew at least 25 yards before hitting the ground, I was also going about 57 mph. My phone landed face first on a boulder and then fell to the dirt ground. After I was done for the day, I realized I lost my phone! I went back to trace my stunts and saw the case with my phone. The front of the case was smashed to high heavens, but my phone was not affected one bit! I was so happy that I bought the taktik! The case provided great protection to my 5s! Great engineering lunatik! I will always be a customer for life!