1995 Mazda MX-5 Miata

The Mazda Miata MX-5 has been an iconic model for decades. The owners of these cars love to lecture about the amazing handling and uniqueness about them. The Mazda MX-5 is a car that most love to modify to their own style. Some name them as “The World’s Favorite Sportscar.” This is a feature about Anthony Dela Merced’s jaw-dropping 1995 Mazda Miata. So try not to drool over these mesmerizing photos of this beautiful little Miata.

You can not pass this car without having to do a double-take. That’s because Anthony has added extensive exterior mods that all flow perfectly. He’s added: front, side, and rear lips that come close to scraping the ground; low-profile headlights; widened front fenders; and so much more. There truly isn’t another Miata out there that’s identical to this one. Be sure to check out the build list at the end of this article for a full part list.

You can’t help but notice the FAT wheels Anthony put on this thing. He’s using a set of Work Meister Cr01’s (15×9/15×9.5) with a clean polished finish as well as a set of Dunlop Direzza 195/50 tires. He also added Project Kics lug nuts as a finishing touch. While Anthony’s wheel specs are not over-the-top, they still leave you staring. And to give the Miata a proper stance, he has the body sitting on BC BR-type coilovers. Anthony, we like your style!

Not only did Anthony make it look pretty on the outside, he put a lot of work on the inside too. The interior accents the exterior perfectly with its NA6C dashboard swap. The stainless steel panels along with the custom shifter and center console surrounds really show Anthony’s true sense of aesthetic appeal. There are countless amount of “mods” on the inside that complement each other nicely.

It is completely obvious that a lot of time has been put into the interior. I was surprised to find out that this was Anthony’s first car he’s modified! Everyone who has been apart of this cars interior deserves an award. It looks like the work of a veteran interior designer. And it makes it even better when you find out Anthony didn’t send it away for months to be done by someone else. Now lets take a look at the heart of this amazing build.

Under the hood, Anthony’s Miata is running on a Kraftwerks supercharger kit. With numerous amount of different parts as well as a polished valve cover and intake manifold. Anthony installed the supercharger himself with the help of friends. DIY is the way to go if you want to be truly connected to your car.

Anthony would like to give a big thanks to Joe and Steve from Project-G. He would also like to thank Royce, Eddie, Junior and Cesar of the Vegas Roadster Community, and his girlfriend Ailyne who has supported him through the entire build.

Build List:

• Garage Vary style front lip
• Jass Performance low profile headlights
• Garage Star front and rear tow hook
• Project-G 25mm widened front fenders
• Project-G side G-fusers with corner flares
• Project-G vented wing windows
• Project-G light weight rear vented hardtop glass
• “R” package rear lip
• Slick Auto euro rear finish panel
• Runabout type II gas door


• NA6C dashboard swap
• Artworks Dewa gauge cluster meter panel and needle caps
• RS refine gauge cluster “independent” gauge rings
• Revlimiter gauge faces
• Revlimiter window switches
• Nardi deep corn steering wheel (leather w/red stitch)
• Nielex stainless steel center panel
• Cylone Lai Custom center console and shifter surround
• Artworks Dewa A/C panel with metal A/C button and ring
• Jass performance custom radio cage
• Voodoo aluminum shift knob and e-brake handle
• NB Mazdaspeed leather seats
• Eunos checkerboard floor mats
• JVC KD-R80BT head unit
• Infinity Reference 6.5” door speakers
• Kicker CVR 12” subwoofer with 1200w amp


• Work Meister Cr01 wheels with polished finish (15×9/15×9.5)
• Dunlop Direzza 195/50 tires
• BC BR-type coilovers
• Project Kics lug nuts

Engine and Management

• Kraftwerks supercharger kit
• Mishimoto radiator
• Garage Star test pipe
• AEM analog boost and wideband gauges
• Project-G Precision Series oil cap
• Project-G Precision Series spark plug cover
• Garage star aluminum wiper cowl
• Polished valve cover and intake manifold