2000 Honda Civic EK Hatch

The Honda Civic has been one of the most popular models to modify in automobile history. Many look the same, and some are different. Christopher Dumas’s 2000 Honda Civic EK Hatch is different. There isn’t another civic like this one. This EK boasts incredible style and stance that is hard to come by. And that’s why this Honda, made the feature list.

It all started when Chris bought it for his wife, who fell in love with it at first sight. First thing he did was upgrade the sound to a Pioneer system with a Alpine Type R 12″ subwoofer. His wife would go on to use the Civic as a daily driver for 3 years. But then, Chris stole it and bought her a Tahoe. Can’t blame ya’ Chris!

As soon as he got it, he started customizing it to his preference. He has been continuously adding on to it since then. Some builds never really end, they progress with the owner. But Chris didn’t have a plan going in, he just “went with the flow.” And sometimes, that is what makes a completely unique ride.

The list of exterior mods for this thing is quite extensive. It doesn’t take the most expensive mods to make or break a car. What really matters, is the flow and execution. Some of the mods include: A Mugen style front lip; Type R style rear lip; Type R style grille; black housing headlights; and much more. As always, be sure to check the end of the article for the complete mod list. Now, let’s take a look under the hood, shall we?

This stanced Civic has the same amount of style inside the hood, as it does on the outside. As you can see from the pictures above, Chris wanted to keep the same flair throughout the full build. And by the looks of everything, he succeeded tremendously. He even graffiti’d the entire engine bay and went as far as to making a custom homemade cold air intake. That’s awesome.

Build List
Black housing headlights
Tinted taillights
Pwjdm fog lights
Mugen style front lip
Type R style rear lip
Pwjdm carbon fiber splitters
Pwjdm bumper quick release
Pwjdm rear wiper delete
Type R style grill
Benen industries neo-chrome tow hooks (front&rear)
The lip/side skirts have been duct taped using leopard print and zebra print neon colored finishes.
Grip Royal X Slammedenuff? Collab wheel
Sparco quick release
89 Honda prelude front seats
5 panel wink mirror
Bandanna shift boot/airbag cover
Mugen floor mats
Graffiti’d engine bay
Homemade cold air intake
Summit racing distributor cap
Vms neo-chrome radiator
Domo oil cap
Pwjdm radiator stay bracket
Semi-tucked bay
Apex-I N1 exhaust
Xxr 531 15×8.25 0 offset
Nexen Tires 175/50/15
Neochrome lug nuts
Yonaka coilovers
Skunk2 rear camber kit
TruHart Lower control arms
Pioneer CD player
Pyle Blue Label door speakers/ 6x9s
Alpine Type R 12 subwoofer
Pioneer 820 watt amp