Audi TT 225 Quattro

With it’s distinct look, the Audi TT is an attention grabber even when stock. But in this case, Mike Simon’s 2001 TT 225 Quattro leaves us gazing. That’s why when we saw this beauty on Instagram, we knew this had to be a feature. So we asked Mike to let us give the Audi a spotlight, and he eagerly accepted.

The 225 TTS had bigger the k04 turbo, and had dual side mount intercoolers tuned from Audi, basically the TTRS before Audi made them. Mike bought the car from it’s original owner in March of 2013 in St. Paul, Minnesota. The previous owner used the car as his “toy” in the summer. This meant that the car was essentially spotless. The original owner had the engine rebuilt, “just because,” along with all forged internals. The engine, turbo, and driveline all had 13k miles on it. Everything else was bone stock when Mike bought it. Luckily, the seller sold it for a steal at the thought of knowing Mike would take good care of it.

Under the hood, Mike has already added front and rear H&R sway bars, an APR Stage 2, a custom front grille, a Keg intake, and much more. Gotta’ love them Heineken intakes! He plans to keep improving on the build into the summer. It’s going to slammed with Rotiform BLQs, a front mount intercooler, a front lip, and much more. We’ll be sure to give this feature an update in the summer to see the new look!

Mike says his Audi TT Quattro will be coming more to a hypothetical end of the never ending build. Overall, it’s low mileage, very well-maintained Audi that will be able to be his daily driver year round. All work was done by Mike with the help of his brother Philip. He would like to give a special thanks to Dells Service Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin for tuning it and helping him out with anything he couldn’t do.

Build Specs:

H&R Coilovers
H&R Strut Bars
Full APR Stage 2
Custom front grille.
Keg intake
Much more!