Toll Violation Payment / TOLL-BY-PLATE

Have you heard of the TOLL-BY-PLATE? This is the electronic FDOT picture-based collection system that was developed by Turnpike Enterprise. The purpose of having this tool is to help out vehicle owners in paying their bill and at the same time reduce traffic and pollution. Motorists are informed that paying their bill through this system means that they are accountable for the photographic images of the vehicle license plates identified by the system.

Customers who were sent an unpaid violation are advised to make payments in due time to avoid accumulating more fees. The T-B-P invoice is usually sent through mail. Through this system, the officials can also ensure that every account is paid on time and that violators will be reprimanded.

About Floridas Turnpike Enterprise

Floridas Turnpike Enterprise (FTE), as a business unit of the Florida Department of Transportation, is the one which manages its 460mile limited access toll highways. Directed by Gerry OReilly at present, it possesses numerous highways for example Polk Parkway, Veterans Expressway, etc., and collect bills for the travelling people of Florida.

How Will You Pay Unpaid ?


  • You have to be the registered holder of the driving license ID that is printed in the invoice.
  • Access to the net.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Visit the homepage at related link one below.
  2. Enter the ID of the file as well as your ID number, and click Sign in.
  3. Key in the other info, as required by the instruction and pay.
  4. See the samples of Unpaid T-V at link 2 below, if youre not certain whether youve received a violation invoice.
  5. For more information about T-B-P, check with the Guide at related link 3.

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