Emergency Roadside Assistance in Huntsville, AL

Despite being resilient and powerful, our vehicles can be temperamental without much warning. Radiators overheat, tires blow out and gas tanks run dry—all of which can leave us plundering to a stop on the side of the road, with no way of coaxing our vehicles back into action. If and when this happens to you, don’t let the situation leave you frustrated. Instead, call DJ’s Lockout Service!

Emergency Tire Changes, Jump Starts and Fuel Delivery Services

As the premier provider of roadside assistance in Huntsville, AL and the surrounding areas, we’re prepped and ready to come to your aid no matter what has you sidelined. Some of the most common situations we’re able to resolve include:

  • Jumpstarts: If you’re having electrical issues or have a battery on the fritz, it’s not always easy to restore power to your vehicle. Moreover, if you’re not experienced in jumping a car yourself, it can be dangerous to do so without the proper technique and precautions. We’ll take the guesswork and frustration out of jumping your vehicle, to get you back on the road again quickly.
  • Tire changes: From pesky potholes to road debris, all it takes is one unfortunate incident to leave you with a flat tire. And, even if you have a spare in the trunk, you might not have the tools or skill to make the swap. We’ll jack up your vehicle properly, safely swap your tire and make sure you’re in roadworthy condition before sending you off.
  • Fuel delivery: Running out of gas can be a problem if you’re trying to stretch that last gallon and are between fill up stations. If you putter out before you can reach the nearest exit, contact us for fuel delivery in Huntsville, AL. We’ll come bearing the fuel you need to get yourself to the next gas station and raise your tank from empty to full.


-Have you ever damaged a car?

A: We have never damaged a single vehicle.

-Is there any car/truck you cannot unlock?

A: No. There isn’t a vehicle we have yet to find that we cannot unlock.

-Are you licensed and insured?

A: Yes.

-Do you tow cars?

A: No, not yet but we will soon.

-How are your prices compared to other locksmiths?

A: You may ask around and still find we are the lowest available.

-Do you work with any insurance companies?

A: Yes, I work with a few, but you must call them first and request me, or if you don’t want to wait, just call me directly, they do honor my receipts and will reimburse you for you paying upfront.

-What is the wait time to get to your customers?

A: We are very quickly to respond to any call and have never had a customer to wait over an hour.

When you call DJ’s Lockout Service for roadside assistance in Huntsville, AL, know that you’re making a choice for prompt service. We understand that roadside scenarios can be dangerous and daunting, which is why we get out to you quickly and maintain the lowest prices possible.


Dec 21, by Phuong V.
Thank you so much for your fast response and service.

Dec 21, by Brendy B.
Thanks so much!! Great service and incredibly affordable, your card is in my purse for good.”


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