HRC Power Up Kit Part Numbers

A list of the parts included in the HRC power up kit

13011-mbn-305 Rings
14520-nlb-003 Tensioner
12101-nlb-000 Piston
90088-mk4-600 bolt
99101-357-188 Main jet
99101-357-185 Main jet
99101-357-182 Main jet
99101-357-180 Main jet
99101-357-190 Main jet
16012-mbn-641 needle and seat
90041-nlb-000 rubber
31929-nlb-002 Plug
90602-mbn-670 circlip
14620-nlb-003 Guide
14511-nlb-000 Guide
14560-kcw-851 gasket
12191-mbn-670 gasket
12251-mbn-671 gasket
22401-nlb-000 springs
13111-mbn-670 wristpin
14321-nlb-000 gear
14312-nlb-000 gear
14000-nlb-000 cam
14401-nlb-003 chain
11394-mbn-670 side cover
061994-nlb-010 kit
00×32-nlb-000 manual