30 Minute Leg Routine That Keeps Your Heart Rate Up And Legs On Fire!

Need a new Leg routine?  Stuck in a rut?  Plyometrics for legs?  YES!  Sure, everyone doesn’t consider “leg day” one of their favorite workout days, but I certainly do! This is a great leg conditioning workout when in a crunch or if you just want something different.  It’s focus is High-Intensity Cardio while still focusing on building shape and muscle tone in your legs and glutes.  This workout will leave your metabolism rocking and you dripping with sweat!  And 30 minutes before your workout, consider the following supplements to help kick up my metabolism for some serious fat burning and prime your muscles for the work ahead!

1 Scoop – EvoChem Thermovex (Green Apple or Watermelon)
1 Scoop – Katalyst Instantized BCAA (Tropical Punch or Natural)
Mix with 12-16oz of cold water

– Stepmill Warm-up x 3 minutes

– Wide Squats on Smith Machine x 10 [deep, while keeping abs tight and a slight pelvic tilt]

– Plie Squats on Smith Machine (toes out) x 15

– Jumping Jack Squats x 20

– Walking Lunges w/ DB’s x 40

– Jump Rope x 100 Skips

– Lying Hamstring Curl Machine x 10

– Alternating Jump Lunges x 30


– Then finish with 200 Fast Steps on the Stepmill

And when you’re done, don’t forget the most important part of any exercise routine, PROPER POST-WORKOUT NUTRITION!  Because without it, you will not achieve the results you are looking for.  Here’s my Post-Workout shake…which your body will crave after that 30 minute leg workout!

1 Scoop – Vitasport PRO7EIN Synthesis (Vanilla or Chocolate)
1 Scoop – Katalyst Instantized BCAA (Tropical Punch or Natural)
1 Scoop – Katalyst GLUTACOR
16-20oz of cold water