Drew Barrymore Breast Reduction Surgery: Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery has now became an instant solution for Celebrities who’re looking to perfect their body shapes. A lot of celebs have opted for a plastic surgery and Drew Barrymore is not exceptional. But, she has underdone minimal plastic surgery as she is a bit afraid of the outcome. In an interview, Drew Barrymore said that she didn’t like to fake her look. Although Drew Barrymore stated that she doesn’t like the idea of plastic surgery, she has actually undergone it herself. While everyone is opting for breast augmentation surgery to increase their breast size, Drew Barrymore did otherwise. According to her before and after pictures below, you can see that her breast size was reduced to 34C from a D cup.

Drew Barrymore Breast Reduction Surgery Photos
When she was asked by another interviewer about her breast reduction, she said that she was uncomfortable with the size of her breasts and so she had a surgery to reduce the size.
Drew made her way into the spotlight when she did a commercial promoting dog food at just 11 months old age. She later played the role of Melissa in the Waltons episode (season 7). Her first big screen debut was the ‘Altered States’ and her age was just 5 at that time. Slowly she gained popularity with her sizzling performance and stunning looks. Drew is most popularly known as the Charlie girl (one of the 3 ladies in the Charlies Angels movie).

She did go under the knife to reduce her bust size, but unlike many rumors, she didn’t had any nose job.

Whatever it may be! Drew! You’re looking cool now!