Expert Tips For Building Upper Glutes!

They are not given, you must work for them! But heck, doesn’t it make you appreciate it more?! An apple bottom is a wanted commodity these days and some are even going under the knife! I’m an advocate of working hard for that bottom.

Here’s my Top Tips for getting the UPPER GLUTES you want!

1.) Squat with enough depth! Only going half way down won’t target 100% glutes, add depth before weight.

2.) If you’re doing One leg workout per week, consider a second LEG DAY! If you’ve been doing two per week, consider adding a 3rd day.

3.) Are you eating enough to fuel your glutes? Sure everyone has different caloric needs, but making sure your getting enough carbs and protein immediately after your workout will help them grow and recover.

4.) FLEXIBLITY! Add a Yoga or stretching class to your week. The more flexible you are, the better you’re able to squat, lunge, deadlift and more!