How Do You Juggle Being A Mom And Still Live A Fit Lifestyle

I get asked several times, how do you juggle being a Mom and still live a fit lifestyle? I think it’s funny that people ask that assuming I have it all together and can juggle it all. Most of the time I’m looking at others thinking something kinda similar, “how do they chase around those kids and have perfect hair all the time?!” I think one of the things that makes a Super Mom is caring enough to question these things. They desire to become a better Mom and want to hear how others do it. Mom’s usually can connect right away! It’s sort of like guys and sports, they can meet for the very first time and they can bond instantly over their passion for sports. Mom’s just automatically have so much to talk about.

I want to share with you my top tips that have truly helped me live a fit lifestyle while being Mom.

1.) I have a Treadmill and Mini Gym in my Home: This gets used quite a bit by my husband and me. Early mornings, Late nights and days we’ve been snowed in. Convenience is king now-a-days.

2.) I keep Trigger foods out of my Home: It doesn’t matter if my family likes these foods or not, if it’s a trigger food for Mom, it’s not welcomed here. What are trigger foods you ask? We all have them. They’re those foods that once you get started all heck breaks lose and you can’t stop. For me Peanut Butter, oh how I love my Peanut Butter. You have to put your foot down on some things. Grocery shop by yourself if you have to.

3.) Snacks in my House all the time: -Jicama and Peppers (Red and Orange) and Hummus -Light String Cheese and Matza crackers -Celery and Almond Butter -Trailmix with dried fruit -Edamame (frozen bags) – One scoop of PRO7EIN Synthesis by Vitasport & One cup of Almond Milk 4.) Make time to do fun things with your family, especially on the weekends. Plan mini trips, start a home project or visit your local museum. Compared to the busy weekdays, weekends are usually the time we spend grazing in the kitchen. Break a habit by forming a better one.

5.) An incredibly supportive Spouse!

Thanks for being apart of my journey and letting me be apart of yours!