Just HIIT it, Baby!!

This is not breaking news to anyone, but High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is becoming very popular and has been proven effective. But I’m curious to know how many individuals out there are actually incorporating true HIIT sessions regularly in their workout routines?
Several articles, magazines, and research studies are beginning to beat the drum concerning HIIT’s effectiveness. Science Daily has written several articles about HIIT training and it’s many benefits. Long, steady, endurance cardio takes a lot of time and can be redundant. The majority of us have very busy schedules and have trouble finding the time to get great workouts in. Is it possible to get more by doing less! Conceptually, it’s simple; increase the max workload, decrease the time of work, equals comparable calorie burn. This type of training truly works for me, here’s why.

What truly defines a HIIT workout? High Intensity Interval Training is exactly what it sounds like. You alternate periods of short intense Aerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods (ex. sprints followed up by a slow jog or walking). Usually workouts vary from 9-20 minutes. They are short, intense workouts, which leave you gasping for air while improving both aerobic capacity, condition, glucose metabolism , and fat burning.
Do I need to feel like I’m going ‘all out’ or about to puke in order for it to be effective? Basically, when done optimally. HIIT’s structure keeps your heart rate elevated the whole time during the “Max Effort” phase which makes your working periods even harder. But remember the trade off, your workout is shorter, and over with before you know it!
Majority of women carry more of there weight in their thighs. I believe this strategy can work particularly well for women because of our genetics. The strategy works great for me and help my legs stay lean and tight. It’s hardwork, but if you commit to two HIIT sessions per week, you’ll see the results!

Here’s an example of my favorite HIIT workout, which I perform twice a week. Usually, I use a treadmill, but when it’s Spring or Summer, I’ll go to the track (I live in Washington State):
– Warm-Up 5 minutes Jogging
-Sprint 10.0mph x 30 seconds
-Walk x 45 seconds
Repeat x 3
-Sprint 11.0mph x 25 seconds
-Walk x 45 seconds
Repeat x 3
-Sprint 12.0 mph x 20 seconds
-Walk x 45 seconds
Repeat x 3
-Cooldown x 5 minutes Jogging

So, are you ready to change it up? My advice to get that metabolism revving in high gear, Just HIIT it, Baby! And don’t forget your post-workout nutrition as this is absolutely necessary for optimal muscle recovery and results!

Here is my favorite post workout shake:

Pro7ein Synthesis – 1 scoop

Glutacor – 1 scoop

Instantized BCAA – 1 scoop

Mix in a shaker with 12 – 16oz of cold water

Thanks for being apart of my journey and letting me be apart of yours!