My Post-Partum Workouts

As many of you know I just had baby Tyton about 7 weeks ago. As I reflect on these past few weeks, I frankly barely remember much. I’ve been focusing on baby and struggling to always get a bit more sleep! (You Mothers out there know what I mean)

It’s hard to remember you’re still a human being and need to be taken care of as well. After the first 2 weeks I was ready to begin exerting a little more as I missed the endorphin rush working out gives you. Post Partum fitness varies for everyone since we all have separate labor experiences and very different babies. I feel very fortunate to have had a pretty relaxed labor process. Thank The Lord for drugs!

So, that being said, I thought I’d outline my first few weeks of easing back into my fitness routine. My Dr. said this was OK for me to begin. As always, please check with your doctor to get the all clear before you jump back in!

Post-Partum: 2 weeks

My very 1st Home Workout-
30 walking lunges, 20 wide stance squats, repeat x 3
Treadmill incline walk x 8 minutes

Repeated this 2 times during this week.