Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery Facts: Before and After Photos

It seems Paris Hilton has got the habit of making a sensation and controversies, which is why she never ended rumored plastic surgery which enhanced her beauty even further.

Although there are multiple gossips about this socialite, Paris Hilton is remembered best for her rumored plastic surgeries. Even the media and her fans were more curious and try to find the secrets about her enhanced beauty.

Did Paris Hilton Have Plastic Surgery?

It was reported that Paris Hilton had undergone different plastic surgeries like breast augmentation, butt lift surgery, Rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and few other dermal injections such as detox, juverderm and filler. Above all, her breast size seems to attract all as it has grown bigger over and over again. This created a lot of buzz at that time and Paris Hilton’s boob job has become one of the most interesting of all her rumors.

She even admitted, ‘Years ago, my dad rejected my request for a boob job as he felt it would cheapen my image’. A close one of Paris once said, her breast looks bigger and tighter not just because she has undergone the breast augmentation but due to her stylish nature. She has the natural sense about what dress would make her look much better. She always used to wear the clothes that make her breast look bigger.

Even the rest of her body parts have changed a lot – her cheek plumped up, nose became much sharper, her lips became sexier may be due to the filler injection and lip augmentation?

When asked by the media about these rumors, Paris Hilton stated that it is not fair to compare her appearance when she was a teenage girl with her present look (when she is 30+). She also said that ‘I’m too scared of undergoing a knife surgery and more over I’m happy with the way I look’.

Well, nice try Paris Hilton! People are not dumb as they can clearly identify the changes who sees her before and after the surgery. No doubt Paris Hilton is rich enough to do or get anything she wanted in the world to enhance her beauty. So, let this American entrepreneur and socialite create even more controversies that make the audience (especially media) happy.

Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos