Tough At Home 20 Minute Workout (Using A Stability Ball And Dumbells)

Don’t let your busy schedule and not getting to the gym stop you from a GREAT workout.
Here’s a challenging FULL BODY at Home workout that will keep you reaching your goals!

-DB walking Lunges x 30, Plie squat jumps no weight x 15 x 3 Sets
-DB squats x 20, mountain climbers x 40, Run your stairs or High Knees in place x 60 seconds Fast x 3 Sets
-Lying Hip Raises (feet elevated on a chair or stairstep) x 40, low back extensions alternate on mat (on hands & knees extend arm & opposite leg out) x 15 x 3 Sets
-Bench/chair/stairstep push ups x 15, lying on your back on a Stability Ball DB chest press x 15 Sets
-Db Front raises x 15, db Shoulder Press standing (palms face in, elbows in) x 15, DB bent over row narrow grip x 15 x 3 Sets
-Db Side raises x 15, DB Plank Renegade Rows x 15 x 3 Sets
-Db Upright Rows into Shoulder press x 15, DB Chest flys lying on stability ball x 15
x 3 Sets
-DB Burpees x 10, Dips off the Couch x 15 x 3 sets