How To Pick A Lock With A Bobby Pin And Paperclip

How to pick a lock, here are the solutions. Have you lost your keys and locked out of your house or finding trouble to search for the lost keys.

Rather than wasting your time to search for the key or making a new key or trying to break off the lock; now you can pick the lock yourself easily by just following some tips and tricks on how to pick a lock.

It is not too tough to pick a lock and all you need to have is a little bit practice and you can surely be able to pick the lock at ease. Various locks will be dealt in various ways and to master to unlock them needs more practice and patience.

You can see some ways how you can pick a lock and can use them to even know how secure your lock.

How to pick a lock
Many will think that what is the need for me to pick the lock up? There is essential to know, as you can know how well your lock keeps the house safe from others. You can use the techniques on the locks you use and can know to what extent it actually is safe.

If you have lost the keys, then also these techniques will help you to get in easily. You can also enhance some of your skills knowing how to pick the locks up.

We have stated below some of the methods and techniques that are used to pick the locks of different types. Know and try them up.

How to pick a lock with a bobby pin:
You can pick up a lock with a bobby pin; yes you can, you will think that how can single bobby pins can do the work, but it is easy to pick the lock with it. Just follow the steps that are given below and the lock can be opened in no time.

Firstly take a bobby pin and break it into two at the middle. Then you will have a straight piece and a bent piece.
Just keep the straight piece aside and take the bent piece and keep it in the top of the lock hole and fold into to a side so that it is bent at 90 degrees.
Now take the straight piece that you kept aside before and then place it in the lock hole at the bottom and make sure that you place it horizontally and not vertically.
Then push it on to the side so that it is bent to some extent.
Now take both the piece into the hand and place the firstly bent piece at the top of the key hole and hold it tight.
Then keep the other one down in the key hole and move it in the right way, so that the ‘Key Pins’ in the lock are lifted up.
Just adjusting it right make all the Key Pins up and then rotate the other piece to make the lock open and then open the door.
This is how you can simply pick up the lock using the bobby pin and make sure to follow the steps carefully either wise the lock won’t be opened. Just practice it twice or thrice and then you can easily pick the lock from the next time on wards as you will know the right way to deal with it.

How to pick a lock with a paperclip:
Paperclips can be made use of to pick a lock up and it only needs two paperclips to do the job. The standard size paperclips will do the work that you need and no need to get a bigger one.

Before actually picking up the lock you need to shape the paperclips in a way that they can pick the lock.

how to pick a lock with a bobby pin

Shaping the paperclips:

· Take a paperclip and straighten one bent end and make the other end in a way that it is easy to hold the paperclip.

· On the straight end that you made, just make a wave shape or ‘W’ shape at the end.

· Take another paperclip and make it as a ‘V’ shape and make the two ends close and bent some extent at the V shape end at 90 degrees and make the open end at the bottom to be twisted up closely.

Picking up lock with paperclip:

· Keep the second paperclip which we bent at the bottom of the lock hole and apply a little force on it.

· Place the other paperclip on the top of the lock hole such that the ‘W’ shape is in it and scrub it hard.

· While you are scrubbing make sure that you are parallel moving the other paperclip in the sideways as opening the lock.

· It may take some time but will surely get the lock opened by these means. Once you are done then you can open up the door.

How to pick a Master Lock:
Picking up a master lock is tough but with some practice, you can get it. The Master locks are hard to break in and will secure but can be bypassed.

You just need two tools that will make the lock be opened. Just follow the below steps and you can open the lock.

Take an iron piece that can fit in some part of the master lock at the bottom to use it as a means to turn the lock and hold on tight.
Take one wave shaped end piece of iron that is in the size of a wire and we will use it on the lock.
Hold on the first piece tight and use the wave shaped iron piece just moving it in and out tightly and rotate the other holder piece so that once the pins get open then the lock is opened up by turning up the piece.
It may take some time if you are trying up for the first time and after a couple of tries you will become familiar and can bypass the lock easily.
How to pick a lock with Household items:
For picking a lock there are many techniques and you can try a few of them with the help of household items.

Yes, the household items can pick the lock easily and you just need to find the right items that suit the lock. Observe the following steps and try to apply on to pick the lock.

how to pick a lock with a household item

· Firstly, you should be sure of what kind of lock you are going to deal up with. Like a door lock with push button or twisted lock, master lock etc. Knowing it will make your job easy and you can straight away apply the technique that enhances the chances of picking the lock in a few steps.

· Now you should be looking for the household items that will come handy to pick the lock. Some of the choices are screw driver; hair pin, heavy-duty paper clip, some metal piece of suitable size etc. can be made use of.

· Using the items just apply the pressure on the lock while trying to pick the lock up and just handle that good so that the pins are lifted up correctly driving the item ahead and finally when you hear the click sound, that means the lock is picked.

· Now just twist the knob and open the door up.

· If you are having any trouble to pick the lock up with the items you have then take a screw driver and remove the screws that are fitted with the lock and remove them all. By this, the lock on either side will be opened and you can easily enter your house. This one works only if the screws are fitted outside.

Just try with the items that are stated or find the correct once that fits good and try a few times to get the lock opened. You will find it difficult if you have chosen the wrong items.

So pick the items that better suit your lock and try gently and keep some patience as a lock won’t get open up with the items easily as of using a key.

How to pick a lock with pen clip
You can use the clip of the pen to pick a lock and it is easy to do so. You can make use of any of the pen clip which is of steel type and uni-ball pen clip is a good choice. Just go on with the steps one by one.

· Separate the pen clip from the cap and bend it in 90 degrees angle and not a major portion of it, but bend a small part of it about 1 or 2 centimeters.

· You can use the pen clip as a fairly good tension wrench and you need any other tool to pick the lock like as a bobby pin or a hair pin will do the job.

· Just use a cutting plier to cut and shape the hair pin well so that it comes in a good shape to handle up with the lock.

· Just place the pen clip and put it up in the corner and push it up on to the outer side with your thumb and hold it tight in that angle.

· Now with the help of the hair pin just insert it into the lock hole and move it gentle to and fro and make it go inside the lock lifting up the pins upwards.

· When all of the pins are lifted up then the lock will be opened, once all the pins are up then you should turn the pen clip so as to make the lock open.

This method is quite easy to work up with and will definitely get the lock to be picked up when you lost your keys. It may take a few tries if you didn’t get it right. Keep patience and try out, again and again, to get it right and pick the lock up.

Not just the pen clip, you can also make use of the similar type of metal to work on with and they will also work find to pick the lock. The locks may differ but this mechanism is somewhat similar to the locks and this method will work fine with most of the locks.

So just try to use it and you can also know that how much the lock you are using at present is keeping your home safe when you are away. If you find it is not safe enough then switch to another kind of locks that are more resistance and can withhold this kind of picking up the locks.

How to pick a lock with a Credit Card:
Are you locked up out of your home and have no household items, bobby pin and all to pick the lock. Don’t just be worried, still you can pick the lock up by means of the credit card.

The credit card can get you into your home in just one or two minutes. It is work with few of the locks and if you have one of them and locked out, then it will be easy for you to get in.

· Know what kind is your door lock is; if it is a sliding one that locks and unlocks up the door then you can try a credit card. It will work on the spring bolt type of locks and won’t work on the deadbolt.

· You can make use of the credit card or any other kind of plastic cards of its type.

· Just place the credit card at the doorknob’s latch where it is locked and some of the doors will have molding that will make it tough to pick the lock up.

· Holding the card against the door lock, just begin pushing and wiggling it towards the latch in the door crack.

· When pushing the credit card towards the latch, just begin bending it away from the doorknob.

· If you feel that the latch has been slide away, then the door has been opened.

By following the above steps you can pick the lock easily with your credit card. But be careful if you are using the credit care as in this process it may get damaged. Instead trying the cards that are very less useful for you will be a better choice.

Don’t just feel happy if you have got into your home, as you can pick the lock easily; then so do the others can pick the lock of your home. So just make it replaced and it is better to get a deadbolt into your lock as it will not make the credit card to crack your lock.

How to pick a padlock:
Padlocks are good to use and you can make some of them to be unlocked yourself, if you lost your keys. This takes a less time and for the regular once you can make use of various rakes.

If you want to pick a lock that has some combination of the digits that are to be placed in order to unlock the key, then you can make use of the following method.

· Firstly, you need a metal piece that is of small size and we will use it to pick the lock.

· Just hold on the shackle to release pressure on the locking mechanism.

· The piece of the metal should fit into the small gap that is the key combination of any of the numbers. You can use that metal piece on any one of the numbers.

· Just grab any of the legs place the metal piece in the gap of the number and start at one angle and stick it and just sweep to the other side.

· Just catching that leg in and pulling it out and down a little bit and just hold it and let go of the shackle. Now you can see that the lock will open.

When you are sweeping to the other side using the metal piece you should feel that you are catching on something and feel some resistance and hold on at that place and release the shackle. Insert a centimeter length into the gap and try doing it and it may not work on all kind of lock.

So just give it a try and unlock the padlock with a number combination. There are many kinds of padlocks and each one of them may not be surpassed by using these methods, but you can try up to some extent.

You can make use of the rakes or the hook tools to get rid of the lock and they are to be used carefully as it is not that easy to open up unless you master it.

They should be perfectly adjusted and be worked on to unlock it. You need to open all the pins up one after the other until all are lifted up and then you just need to open the lock. This is not easy for the first try and will take some time unlock.