Inspiration to leave your hair alone!

No doubt you’ve heard the buzz regarding supermodel Naomi Campbell’s hairline. The sad truth is that her receding hairline has been attributed to years of rocking tight weaves. But, don’t think for one minute that because you are sporting natural do’s, you are exempt from a similar fate.

There are many reasons that a person may suffer hair-loss. Sickness, allergies to hair products, chemical straighteners, reaction to medication, wearing too many hats, headbands or wraps, or especially OVER-STYLING YOUR HAIR are a few that come to mind.

The lesson learned from Ms. Campbell’s experience should not only be to stop wearing weaves and embrace your natural you. You should also realize that even if you are natural, you need to give your hair a break (no pun intended…really).

If you are rocking locs, resist the temptation to re-twist too often. If you are braiding, cornrowing or bantu-knotting, ease up around your hairline. Realize that your hair does not have to absolutely smooth around the edges all the time. The only person who cares if you’ve got a little bit of fuzz, is probably YOU. Don’t fall into that psychological trap-just embrace you as you!

I’ve got my famous loc pony down to like 10 seconds-but it’s a little worn out and I’m looking for a little twist on a classic style.

This is a review in regards to my last post which you can find here. An alternative to the traditional loc bun. I was very interested to try the style, because I was looking for “a twist on a classic style” that I would rock on a more regular basis.

I am sad to say, that this style will not be replacing my 10 second go-to loc bun. The style actually took me about 30 minutes to actually execute. Perhaps not bad for my 1st time.

First issue: It took me forever to find the perfect location to place the hump in order for it to look good on my head. Second issue: because I did not want to use a hair net to secure my bun, as did Fauryn78, I tried to work around that. But, unfortunately because of the hump, at the end of the pony, my locs were not all the same length, so I could not make them into a bun properly. So, I actually ended up using a variation of a style that I saw from Chescalocs in her video “Braided Crown Hair How-To”. Third issue:The front of the style looked a little bland on me, so I ended up adding a braided bang. Fourth issue: The bun so low on my neck, it limited my head movements. I could not tilt my head back, and it was annoying. The next time, I would place the bun higher up, if possible.

All in all the style turned out pretty nicely. But it took way too long for me to execute-not exactly a style I would whip together in 1 minute or less while at work. The YouTubers make it all look so easy-but I guess practice makes perfect.