Shian Naturals ACV Rinse Dye My Hair With Bigen Hair Color

Ok friends! The Loc Overhaul is now complete. It took me a lot longer than I thought, but it’s done.

So like I said in the last entry, my plan was to wash my hair with a new product from Shian Naturals, ACV rinse, and dye my hair with Bigen hair color and then do a hot oil treatment.

I actually was able to stay true to the plan and get everything on the list done.

Shian Naturals: I have to say, based on the ingredients listed on the product which include sweet almond oil I expected it to smell really great. But, to my surprise, there was no smell at all. It’s completely odourless!!! The label does clearly state that there are no added fragrances or colors, but for some reason I was still expecting the natural ingredients to offer their own fragrance. So that, to me was disappointing.

For those of you who have ever used an organic shampoo, you will know already that they do not lather. It is hard for me to get past that. I, for some reason, judge the cleanliness of my hair by how much the shampoo lathers. So, with Shian Naturals, you will not be able to do that, because like all other organic shampoos there is no lather.

I loved the texture of the shampoo, it was very thick-almost like the texture of gelatin.

Even without the lather, the shampoo worked well. After a mid point check, I could see that my scalp was clean. So you have to really weigh the benefits. No it does not lather. No it does not smell beautiful. But, on the other hand, it is guaranteed not to have any ingredients that will harm you in any way (carcinogens/parabens). So is it a product that I would use again? Definitely, especially on my kids.

ACV Rinse: I love ACV rinses! Nothing gets the product build-up out of my hair better. It leaves my hair itself, feeling completely clean right throughout each loc. If you have never done one and are curious, find out how here.

Bigen Hair Color: This was my first time dying my hair, EVER!! (Except for an accident with facial hair bleach in high-school). My first surprise was the price. Bigen cost me $4.99! I thought it would be much more expensive. Now, for those of you with locs, let me tell you this. You will definitely need more than one package of the dye. I didn’t realize how small the bottle was, and when mixed up, it was definitely not enough to go over all my locs. So, I really just did a half-dye job. I focused on the tips of my locs, and the top of my head that is usually most exposed to the sun.

In any case, check out the pictures and let me know what you think.


P.S. I really tried not to retwist, but I had about 2 inches of new hair growth that was getting tangled up, so I twisted 🙁