Some Information Indeed Healthy For Black Hair

Well everyone, I know this write up is long overdue-no excuses-it is what it is…

The hair show was as usual, quite exciting. The Japanese-Canadian Cultural Center was packed full of beautiful people, with beautiful hair, and of course gorgeous, intricately-styled locs. I came away with lots of ideas for styles that I may never have time to actually execute, new tips, and some affirmation that the things I have been doing, and writing about, are indeed healthy for black hair.

Here is a list of some information from the hair show that we may all want to consider, but that I have not yet researched:

-massaging the scalp is necessary (stimulating the hair follicles)

-stay away from sulphates (sulphates in shampoo are what cause us to need conditioner)

-the majority of us are allergic to the ingredients in the hair products we use, but will not realize it until later in life

-dry scalp/skin can be alleviated by doing a “lime wash” (using actual limes-similar effect to ACV rinse)

-our hair is a product of our inner body-we need to nourish our hair from the inside as well (ensuring we are receiving the vitamins/minerals our bodies require

-Ingest minerals such as magnesium and iron at night to avoid constipation

A Surprise:

I was actually surprised, although maybe I shouldn’t have been, that many of the products being sold at the booths contained ingredients that are proven to be harmful for your hair. Make sure to read the labels no matter where you are!

Hair Show Inspired Style

I thought I would share this style with you. As the title would indicate, it is a style inspired by the Toronto Natural Hair and Beauty Show.


1. I washed my hair.

2. While hair was damp, not wet, I braided it in sections of 6 locs.

3. Once hair was almost completely dry, I arranged the braided sections and secured them with hair pins, until it formed a shape I was happy with.

4. I used a gigantic hair elastic to put the locs in a ponytail.

5. I tucked the ends under the hair elastic.

Do not style locs when dry. It will cause breakage.
Do not cover up and sleep with excessively wet locs, as it can cause your locs to mildew.