To Save Money and DIY Lip Balm?

Hey Everyone,

Tonight was an interesting night, inspired by last night’s adventures with my daughter’s Crayola crayon maker machine and my cousin C.S. In melting pieces of wax crayons, to create new crayons, I thought about how easy it would be to make lip balm using the same machine.

As usual, the idea led to impulse, and the buying of ingredients such as beeswax, sweet almond oil, a small stainless steel saucepan and 8 tiny plastic containers with lids. Many of the other necessities I already had on hand.

I decided not to use the crayon maker, as tempting as it was, because I didn’t think it would be sanitary enough. After a few minutes of looking at online recipes, and watching some YouTube videos, I began the process, which took about 30 minutes in total.

Ingredients used:

Organic Beeswax
Sweet Almond Oil
Vitamin E
Peppermint Oil
Tea Tree Oil

This lip balm does the 2 things that I look for in a balm really well: It moisturizes, and it tingles! I labelled the balms, really just for kicks. However, maybe after I tweak the recipe, you may find it available online. I do recommend trying this at home. It was a lot of fun, and will definitely save you money.