Medical Group Tattoo Removal Company In Costa Mesa, California

Led by a team of medical experts, Medical Group is committed to utilizing state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal technology within an atmosphere that is professional, clean, comfortable, safe, caring and personable. We believe the critical success factor is setting appropriate expectations with education and awareness while providing the most cost-efficient solution to individuals seeking tattoo removal or tattoo lightening. Through our unrelenting attention to quality patient care and dedication to complete tattoo removal, our successful results offer increased self-esteem to individuals and positive contributions to communities.


Medical Group was formed to help individuals from all backgrounds to remove unwanted tattoos and other markings. We all have done things wed like to take back or remove from our past, but the first step is to learn about the process of laser tattoo removal and then set appropriate expectations. Tat2BeGone was created to provide a cost-effective means for removing unwanted tattoos, which is why we have the best tattoo removal prices in Southern California, guaranteed.

The medical staff at Medical Group is fully committed to making patient procedures as comfortable as possible. All employees have over 50 hours of medical training and are available to answer any questions you might have; some are even undergoing the same laser tattoo removal procedures you are thinking about right now.

Permanent Makeup Removal

If you are having second thoughts about your tattooed eyebrow makeup and would like to return to a more natural look, Medical Group offers the option to remove this permanent makeup as well.

Thinking twice about your Tattoos?

Would you like to remove the name of that ex-girlfriend on your arm or that fraternity tattoo youve finally outgrown? Are you tired of covering that new tattoo from your kids or co-workers? As Southern Californias leading tattoo removal company for the past six years, Tat2BeGone and its team of certified medical experts has successfully treated more than 12,000 clients, performing over 60,000 treatments, while utilizing state of the art laser tattoo removal technology.

On a personal and professional level, people are more interested than ever before in tattoo removal and with todays Advanced Laser Technology, tattoos NO LONGER have to be permanent. Whatever the reason may be, if you want to get a tattoo off or lighten an unwanted tattoo, then Tat2BeGone Medical Group is the answer.

Many of the employees working at Tat2BeGone have gone through the removal process and would be happy to share their personal experience as well as show you their tattoo removal before and after pictures.

Members of the family

Dr. Douglas Mest

Dr. Douglas Mest, MD, owner and medical director of Tat2BeGone, Medical Group, is a Philadelphia native that graduated with honors from Temple University School of Medicine. He completed his post graduate training at The University of California at Irvine.

Dr. Mest is the former medical director of Outpatient Surgical Services at UC Irvine Medical Center and has served as an Assistant Clinical Professor at UC Irvine.

Additionally, Dr. Mest has the following professional credentials:

  • Board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology with special qualifications in Pain
  • Management
  • Member of the American Board of Laser Surgery
  • Member of the American College of Phlebology
  • Fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

With the explosive growth of tattoos over the past 10 years, Dr. Mest saw the need to create a dedicated tattoo removal center that offered patients a safe and caring environment to remove tattoos or lighten existing tattoos; a need that Dr. Mest felt was not being met in the traditional medical environment.

Dr. Mest offers state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal technology in a welcoming and safe environment to help patients who wish to change their outward markings and begin anew.

Front Office Staff

Medical Group employees are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by offering the highest level of service in the industry. Our staff realizes the amount of time and money involved in removing unwanted tattoos and goes the extra mile to help facilitate in the removal process. You can be sure that whatever Tat2BeGone employee greets you at the front counter or answers your phone call, you will be treated with the highest level of dignity and respect you deserve.

Tattoo Removal Testimonials

Testimonial #1

I walked into Tat2BeGone back in 2003 a broken woman. I had just finished a stint in rehab and some county jail time. My name is Shae, Im a mother of a 9 year old little boy (at the time he was around 5). I had tattoos on my fingers that spelled out L-O-V-E & H-A-T-E. Its funny, for years I told my son that they said I LOVE GREGORY He was at the age where he was beginning to be able to read and said he couldnt find his name.

I had 2 other tattoos on my ankle and back, one was an exs name. Through the probation department, Jerry the manager at Tat2BeGone, and I worked closely together to create a plan to get me on the road towards rebuilding my life. After receiving 10 treatments, over a year span, at a cost that was extremely feasible, low and behold they were able to remove all of these tattoos in 5 minute treatments. I mean they actually worked on all of these areas at once and it only took 5 minutes a session!

I will not lie to you the treatment can be painful so I recommend purchasing the numbing cream. The fingers were the most sensitive areas, but I am here to tell you today that it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and my family.

It is now 2006 and Im a month away from becoming a wife, to a man that I got sober with. I have a full time position in a very reputable company making more money that I ever imagined that someone from my back ground could ever achieve. I have a brand new car and am working towards purchasing a brand new home. None and I mean NONE of this would have ever been possible if I would have walked into an interview with tat2s across my fingers.

Tat2BeGone has been a HUGE part of my progress as a recovered adult. If you are wondering if this is something you should do, I guarantee you that once you have completed the process you will also have a wonderful story to tell. It is a long journey, it takes commitment, and there is a lot of discomfort, but you didnt make all of your bad choices over night, and it will take some time.. but if I did it anyone can

Thank you so much Tat2BeGone! Your service has definitely changed my life, and I imagine numerous others! I wish you all the best in your journey, you deserve to live life to the fullest!

Shae S.
5 years recovered!

Testimonial #2

I cant believe Im the first to review Tat2begone!
About a year ago, my co-worker recommended that I schedule a consultation with them. Prior to that, I had been receiving treatment at a facility in Fountain Valley. What appealed most to me was that the staff was very informative and kind. This was a nice change for me, since the last place I went to had no problem taking my money, but judged me because I had tattoos that needed to be removed.
Enough about me. Everyone here is GREAT!

J and L V.
Anaheim, CA

Testimonial #3

I wanted to get a tattoo removed from my arm, and I chose here. They offer a package for unlimited sessions until your tattoo is gone, and its great. I had a really dark tattoo on my arm with shading, and in most parts it totally gone, with not even a tiny scar or anything. I still need a few treatments for the few tough spots. I thought I would be left with some sort of scarring or something, but this is turning out to not be the case at all. My friends cant believe how well its worked either. I highly recommend going here if you need a tattoo removed.

Crystal C.
Fontana, CA

Testimonial #4

I was extremely stressed and worried about enduring any pain. But I really wanted to remove my tattoo. I went to tattoo be gone for a consultation and I was convinced with such a caring and thoughtful staff I would be in good hands. The entire staff was helpful and they made a scary situation much easier. Yes there was a little pain but much less than getting the tattoo put on. The pain is over in seconds and the nurse is so kind; its over before you know it:) I am so grateful for the kindness and customer service this place provided. Thank you!

Eva A.
Huntington Beach, CA

Testimonial #5

I had a great experience with tat2begone. my tattoo took about 10 treatments, but now its TOTALLY gone, while I was there, I ended up getting some laser hair removal too. I really like the employees and everything was clean, on-schedule, and organized!

Chelsea G.
Orange, CA

Testimonial #6

I have had 28 treatments of laser tattoo removal and I am very pleased with my end result.

Amy S.
Corona Del Mar, CA

Testimonial #8

I had my third removal last week and I am really impressed with the results. I have some green in my tattoo and that isnt fading as much as I would like but I was set up for that expectation. Very happy overall with everything so far. ?

Mary F.
Laguna Niguel, CA

Testimonial #9

Ive never been anywhere else tbh so I dont know how this place compares to other ones. Its clean, the nurses informative and kind, and affordable. Im not getting a ton of ink blasted out but I could definitely afford what I am getting done and Im seeing a huge difference so far. Tattoo removal isnt a perfect science yet, but my tattoos are fading noticeably after 3 sessions.

Im glad they have nurses operating the lasers rather than technicians, who more often than not, dont know anything about safety. I like that every time they take photos of my hands (where my ugly tattoos are) and give me a copy so I can see as I go how much theyre really fading out.  Its a slow painful process but worth every wince and penny. Id recommend this place.

Ellen E.
Laguna Beach, CA

Jeanette k.
Pomona, CA

Testimonial #10

GREAT service and AWESOME results!. I started going to Tat2begone about a year ago to remove a flower on my ankle. The nurses were very informative in the consultation and honest about what to expect. I remember them telling me that it would take about a year to fully remove the ink and they were spot on. My tattoo is almost completely gone and if people didnt know I had a tattoo there in the first place, they would never know anything was on my ankle! I havent decided if I should go back to keep treating it or if I am going to leave it where it is, since it looks so good. The best part is that with the package I bought in the beginning (its called the complete removal, you pay one price and no matter how many treatments it takes, you never have to pay more!), I can decide months or years down the road that I want to continue with my treatments. I would recommend this place to anyone!! PLUS, they do other cosmetic procedures like hair removal and because I am a customer there I am always getting coupons for discounts on that stuff (and they are already cheaper than the place I used to go to for hair removal!!!)


Tat2BeGone Testimonial #11

I would encourage anyone to go there for that service!. I had facial hair that was very upsetting. I have done electrolysis, shaving, waxing, bleaching, creams and medication. I did the electrolysis about five years ago and had absolutely no success.


Testimonial #12

I would like to extend my appreciation of the great work and professional courtesy I had with the entire staff at Tat2BeGone. I am very happy with the treatment I had and the help they did for me in the removal of an unwanted tattoo. I would like to personally thank them all for doing the best job in successfully treating me. I feel very lucky to have found Tat2BeGone, and will recommend anyone I hear who is in need of their services in removing unwanted tattoos. Thanks again and keep up the great professional work you guys are doing!!!

Michelle D

Testimonial #13

I just wanted to say that going to Tat2BeGone was the best thing I have ever done! I had a tattoo that I was constantly trying to hide from the public and it was very embarrassing to me. I went to another laser center and was quoted a few hundred dollars just to get a tattoo initial off of my hand, it was very little. I couldnt believe that they wanted to charge such a high price for such a small tattoo! I was referred to Tat2BeGone by a co-worker and I will tell you, it was the best thing I ever did, the staff is so friendly and the price was very affordable, I would recommend Tat2BeGone to anyone who wants to save money and get quality work done, thanks!

Christina A.