3 Things to Expect After Dating Begins

You have been dating for a few days and perhaps have spoken for a few weeks prior to flying in and meeting. You have sex with her and a few things will happen that will usually catch you off guard and sometimes hard to believe. The first time this happened to me I was shocked at the level of mis-trust and jealousy acts.

Both of you are together, you take off to the bathroom or go to shower, she will rummage through your belongings, whether it be cell phone, black book, laptop, wallet or whatever it may be. Not to rob you, but to begin her evidence gathering of any friends you may have in hopes that she will find someone else you are banging. She begins this search as if she is 100% sure you have someone else that you are also having sex with and her plan is to ruin that. Problem is while she is attempting to ruin that, she will have called some the non sexual friends as well, leaving a tainted taste in their mouths about this new girlfriends of yours.

Often times you will be going through the dating process of trying to find a good one to make a girlfriend and have some of those numbers laying around. Sometime later in the week, one of those other girls will call you or ask you in person who so and so is. She will not give a name, she will call and say that she is your girlfriend and ask what the other is to you.

What 3 things to expect

  1. She will rummage through your private belongings looking for contacts, numbers or anything from other girls. In rare cases money but this is not a robbery.
  2. You can expect her to befriend your friends on any social media account with poor intentions. Much better off not friending her on social media. Keep your private life and personal information separate from her. Later on if she turns out to be the one and you want to share those things is different. I prefer a girl that is not a social media addict.
  3. You can expect to hear from any of the girls you had in either your black book, cell phone or laptop. They will call you asking you who is your new girlfriend that they spoke to, or some other crazy stuff that they come up with. I have heard it all.

In her mind you are cheating even if you are not. At first I used to laugh at these things, then I realized how serious it is and how nuts it is to have some girl in another city call you and tell you she got a call from a girl who claims to be the girlfriend. I have also had friends tell me they befriend these girls on their social media accounts and they wait at first all is OK, then suddenly you begin to get messages from other friends saying how they accepted her response. Soon after they commence chatting and the questions begin.

I know, most of you will think no, there is no way but the truth is 9 out of 10 girls will do it and suddenly you find that you no longer like this girl. She is a lying investigative bitch trying to pin an unfaithful action on you when you are clean.

My answer to this is, so while you are dating all of these girls and seeing which ones are a better match for you, it is much better to bang them all, this way at least you have a a reason for friends to get interrogated behind your back.