31 Funny Messages iPhone Autocorrect Fail Text Messages Pictures

Mobile Internet era without boundaries, so that people have a broader exchange platform. Mobile social integration of the advantages and characteristics of mobile networks, mobile terminals and social networking services and complement each other. Between lovers, especially women like to confirm each other’s mobile social network, and sometimes cause misunderstandings and disputes, the following are 31 funny pictures of iphone fail text message by iPhone Autocorrect.

In the era of new media, people “s impression management through social” performance “, so as to manipulate the feedback, cognition and behavior of others. There are four specific performance: 1 ideal performances, show their rational image, such as the common delicacy, beauty, beauty, sun house, cars, tickets; 2 performances to conceal, misunderstanding, with poor illiteracy as nouveau riche, Kochi; 3 mystery show, deliberately maintaining social distance, mystery the shape of others caused too profound to be understood, the reverence; 4 remedial performances, such as publicly from black save social relationships.