A Colombiana That We Used To Know

Many of us have these Colombian girls that we used to know. Just as this song dedication for all of those that I used to know. Sometimes I ask myself where are those girls now? I wonder if they are married, doing porn, escorting, getting gang banged at fincas on weekends, or just went with the flow and found some local dude and got their act together. While I met plenty of those types, the only ones that I would consider girlfriends were different in alot of ways. Many never even thought of the idea of meeting a gringo.

When you live there for a while and a few years pass sometimes you kick back and think about where a few of them are right now. I do get a phone call every now and then from a few that I was close with over the years, and every now and again I get an email from one or 2 but life goes on. One thing I did notice is that some of them are very spitefull, they want to to rub it in your face that they found someone new or whatver else they can think of. Who really gives a shit if she has a new boyfriend, I guess that is meant to hurt us, to hear that she is happy. One of my buddies gets an IM once in a while from a total pig he was dating in Bogota, this girl was like a siphon with money, she was such an expert and used language to her advantage. She is the one that while my buddy was getting a tooth cleaning, she added to his bill future dental visits for her in the amount of 200k pesos. What a trip she was. She tried to get him to pay for an apartment for her while she spent a whole week with my buddy. One thing he did say was she was excellent in bed. She didn’t lack in the heat department. So he endured the pain for a week and told her he ran out of cash around 3 days in and only had enough for a few more dinners.

In any event I think all of us that have spent time in Colombia, have that Colombiana that we used to know, and she may pop up in your head every now and again.