A Reserve Date From A Previous Colombian Cupid Contact

If you are using Colombia Cupid the right way, you too should develop many reserve dates because even if you think you are in good shape with the 5 you talk with currently, it is still not enough. A reserve date is needed even for the best Colombian cupid users. That being said, a problem that comes around is the fact that one of our criteria on cupid is physical appearance and being that we are looking in Medellin or anywhere in Colombia for that matter why should we settle for a six when we are in the land of 10’s.

It makes sense as a newbie thinking why on earth would I settle for less when a 9 or 10 will agree to date me. There are several problems with this and first being that if looking for a serious relationship you should not be all about looks to begin with, this will bury someone new to the Colombian dating scene. I understand the need for attraction, absolutely but we have been dating mediocre and settling for mediocre women all our lives so suddenly because a 10 will say yes you should only choose 10’s? In my opinion no.

The second major problem is the fact that many girls on Colombian cupid do not photograph wellor without really thinking much of it will put a really crappy picture up, a picture that was available quickly at the time of doing the profile. I too am guilty of this on dating sites. I hate any pictures online to begin with so I usually have very few available and when required in a dating profile, I just grab any picture available without trying to impress and I think the level of thinking here might be similar. I can’t even begin to count how many times I thought she was a 6 from the profile and upon meeting in person she was a solid 9. I know because I am much less picky when it comes to going on dates. I will date even if I know there will be no physical chemistry in Colombia and still have a good time and meet other girls while out on the date as friends. I have met and dated overweight women with no problem, women that were much less attractive then what I am used to being with. Sometimes if you are in a jam and need a date, a reserve number comes in handy.

I know some of you might say well just go out alone and try to hook up out and I understand this, but if you understand Colombia and the way it works, you will know that going out alone to meet women is one of the toughest things you can do on a weekend night. Sure you can hook up with a waitress or a dancer or perhaps even a hotel front desk girl but chances are for that particular night, you will be sitting around and watching all the girls with their dates dancing as you drink alone which can become highly awkward, believe me I have been there several times.

My date from Colombia cupid turned out amazing

Here I am in Medellin on a Friday night with no date so I decide to take a look at the reserve numbers I have gathered over the last few trips from several months prior. I find this one number in particular that I never called because her picture just looked like shit on cupid. She seemed to have a very homey looking face and not very well groomed hair wise and I love the long shiny particularly black hair and this one was like medium length wavy. I figured screw it, let me call and we’ll go out to drink and dance. lo and behold I called and she answered, she was 26 and had a very nice quiet type voice, we had previously chatted around 4 months prior so it was weird that I hadn’t made the call sooner but believe it or not, these girls if normal tend to understand that dating can get busy in that area and accept the fact that you didn’t have time on the previous trip.

If they are jealous freaks, they will not let you live it down and before the night is over you will be probably be vomiting from stomach pains in the bathroom from her ridiculous jealousy accusations the whole time.

I asked her to come out with me and she gracefully and happily agreed and I was really enjoying her voice so a couple hours passed and there she was knocking at the hotel door. First off, I was pissed that I somehow missed this one 4 months prior as she was a solid 8 or 9. She was 5’9″ around 120 and just knockout beautiful. I thought what a crappy picture she put up on cupid, which was good for me because I am sure most of the men searching cupid are looking for looks alone.  It was already around 10pm and I was fully dressed and ready to hit the streets so we had a quick kiss just to break the ice a little bit. I always like to have a quick ice breaker to make things more comfortable as the night progresses. We arrive at the club, get a table and I order a bottle of the top shelf absolute vodka, no Belvedere or Kettle available in the clubs that I have visited, and I order a juice so that she can have juice with hers while I drink mine on ice.

We are relaxing and listening to music watching everyone dance around us, tables full in the whole place. While the music was crossover, it was mostly reggatone, merengue and occasional salsa so while I am not a Latin music dancer, being the good girl that she was, she didn’t even consider dancing with another man while with me, so she simply got up and began dancing alone right in front of me, so close that I could clearly smell the lotion she had on her skin or the scent from her hair, her ass and front was right at my face level and wow was I enjoying this. A guy from the next table smiled at me as he knew I was enjoying the hell out of that, she grabbed my hands and put them on her hips as she continued dancing face to ass right at the table. I have had similar scenarios at other clubs where women danced ass to face level with me, but with this one it was so freaky because I couldn’t believe how I allowed this one to slip away because of the atrocious picture she had on her profile but yet she was nearly perfect. At this point, I am thinking how fun this is going to be later at the hotel, I know it will end in the hotel because 9 out of 10 times in Colombia, when you take a girl out drinking on a weekend night, she will rarely go home drunk although many times they do leave early in the morning from the room which sucks because there is no morning sex.

Back at the hotel with the date from Colombian Cupid

It was an awesome night, I had just the right buzz from the Vodka and it seemed so did she. I prefer drinking Vodka because it seems that no matter how much I drink I am still in decent shape where if it is tequila, I am gone and possibly even catch a silly puddy dick syndrome after a bottle of Patron, two totally different buzzes.

While we began making out inside the club, we were making out even harder in the cab ride back all the way up to the room. I could taste the vodka on her tongue and continued thinking about the entire 4 months I had her in the reserve book, after that mind blow I even called the 200 pounders.

She undresses completely, not only undresses but lays there with her legs wide open and was that a site or what, it is one of the memories that will never delete, and while I wanted to just jump on and start banging, it was a moment that needed to be worshipped, I needed to make up that 4 month hold for her so I took my time and spent an hour or two until we fell asleep at around 5am. The next day when we woke up at noon, I was pleasantly surprised with a mediocre blow job, while I knew I wouldn’t cum, it was the thought that counted.

Never take for granted any of those girls that respond to your letters, or don’t pass up solely for sake of bad pictures. If you happen to date a real ugly one, she will enjoy the time out and you can tell her you would enjoy a friendship with her only and she will be just as happy and allow you to network with more ladies.