Another Perspective On Meeting Good Women in Colombia

Since living in Colombia so long and marrying, how would you explain to pick up girls that are non prostitutes?

They have a term for what you are saying it’s called intersada… I once went out or was actually introduced to a girl via agency, the owners son (juan) was little younger than me and I kind of befriended him and he wanted to introduce me to a women (alex) in her mid-20s, VERY gorgeous paisa with a morena complexion, she lived in laurels and to my surprise picked me up in her own car, nothing fancy a twingo but at that time in 2007 I had not yet purchased a car.

I took her to dinner at rojos in iileras and coffee after wards, she accepted another “date” but I honestly (unfortunately) did not think she was interested in me, after a few dates this became obvious because she tried to hook me up with a blonde friend who had just broken up with a boyfriend, hindsight I should have accepted because she was attractive, but I was very taken with alexia, and was not interested in her friend at the time. I think l that ruined the friendship because we lost contact and at the time I would leave Colombia for a few months. I was never good at keeping up communications when I left. Well a few years later my friend told me that she had moved to the United States and was involved with a VERY older gringo, who was VERY wealthy, which is what he told me she was looking for.

Yes I stayed away from estrato 3-4 women or higher because if they have a little money they go crazy with greed for more, and the never ending desire to move up in estrato or live the Miami lifestyle, Women who are estrato 6, and come from wealthy families often are very spoiled and would never get involved with a gringo because of the looks, or assumption that she is poor prepago. Although this is now the crazy down there to prove you have a women who wants to be with you instead of needs to be with you.

It’s easy to find a good women, if you know how to look. Does she say please and thank you, does she expect dinners to always be in the zona rosa? Does she invite friends and family on her own without asking? Does she always want to go out drinking and partying, is she annoyed with nights that end with only a dinner and a movie? Is she secretive? Does she cancel often or at last minute? Does she answer her phone when called or do you get the voice mail treatment? Does she disappear for a few days, not return calls and gives you a stupid excuse? Do you catch her lying to you? Does she buy you small gifts?

Most men do not listen to their gut but rather there dick and hope for the best, that’s the way to get laid not look for a wife or partner. Weather you meet a women selling phone minutes on the street or a agency or via friends you should use some common sense. What amazed me about my wife is she was so very respectful of me, and never let anybody abuse me for money or take advantage of me. She was friendly and outgoing, and very honest. We had fun together weather playing god of war, or clubbing or watching novellas. She was sexy and beautiful and the sex was amazing, we had a connection from the very start. Now that’s not to say she is perfect, she is OVERLY jealous, and sleeps late, takes forever to get ready, and is quick to temper. But I do love her so, and I am very lucky to have her in my life.