Cam Girl Vs Marriage Agency Girl Scenario

This particular girl is probably making north of 50k on the site alone working from what appears to be Bogota. This does not include all the men that feel the need to send her western unions each day or week. Again, perhaps not her but thousands of girls similar to her are receiving this from guys that are making less than her, in hope of love, while the girl is laughing inside with all these men throwing themselves at her.

She has thousands of men watching whenever she is online. While I do not know her aside from seeing her online while doing research for this site. She appears to be similar to the many  girls that were in the marriage agencies or dating sites. She is 28, speaks English, and is what you will find on the cam sites of today coming out of Colombia, Romania, Russia, Asia. Literally thousands of men followers from all over the world and I would bet that many feel they are her boyfriend with nothing more than a weekly western union receipt.

While very possibly not her, this is the typical Colombian girl you would find on the dating sites and marriage agencies a couple years back. Once making the leap into the easy money cam world, they just cancel all the dating sites and continue this route.

This is a typical scenario and in no way does this article speak of this girl alone, rather it speaks of the most likely scenarios of today. The only thing that is certain in this article is that this girl is in fact a model on a cam site.