Certain U.S. Cities Booming with Foreign Wives

Since traveling through and visiting many cities recently, I realized that many of them especially those in certain parts of the Midwest have a tremendous amount of men that travel for wives. Another thing I noticed is that while Colombia wives are popular among men searches, I found that many go for other parts of the world as well. They are simply seeking someone good in their lives to have a family with. Probably a shortage of available American women in these cities.

I was always under the impression that mid west American girls for the most part are not only beautiful and many of which are farm, church going girls with values and away from all the feminist relationship killing type women. So in essence they are probably scooped up and married earlier or after college move to the bigger cities. Leaving these men with little choice if they want families to seek out foreign wives.

Where do they go for wives?

Colombia has always been a popular choice, however these days it is getting tougher to find women that are even willing to leave. It is no secret that the USA has been robbed of it’s freedom and the labor parties are having there way. Soon the outer parts of the US will be no different from the worst of third world area’s and the bad thing is the fact that the USA is huge. So not only will it be a 3rd world country but a huge one. In fact last year while in Medellin a girl I know asked me “is it true that the U.S. is now broke?” I said that I really didn’t think so. It was at that point where I still had some faith and positivity in our future here. However when I look at Europe and the fact that it is ruined and has been destroyed by the Democratic Socialist labor party, I knew we were in trouble and that it is likely finished. Just this week the king of the windy city vowed to give only illegals all the city jobs. My question is where will the Americans go?

What about all the uninformed that voted democrat, wow, if this doesn’t snap some sense into them nothing will. It was like handing out free vasoline to all the democratic voters both black and white in the windy city.

And even though a good Colombian woman will go with you through thick and thin to 40 below in Alaska or even Camden NJ, many will likely think twice and choose elsewhere unless they are in love.

If you happen to be searching for a wife currently and have been using the Cupid we have listed on this site in the sidebar in which you can sign up for free, you will notice that a larger percentage of women are writing there favorite place of choice to live as other places besides the USA. No biggie there are still plenty of takers but you can catch glimpses of change here and there.

Many of the men in the mid western cities have been finding love in places that you don’t hear so much in the mainstream as dating type places. The world is so small today as globalization and the new world kick in, it’s almost as if no matter where you search it’s just a stone throw away. However many men that I have spoken to locally and in the mid west have mentioned that a criteria is certainly a Christian girl, a church going god fearing Christian that will have some faith as opposed to a non believer. Which makes finding a wife much harder in certain Eastern European countries such as Russia. With that being said, I found several guys who worked hard and found church going wives in Romania, Catholic weddings and everything. In fact I was able to find a video of this mid western guy that has been married to his Romanian wife for just over 3 years now and it seems like a very good relationship. Surely they have their issues since the collective and individual cultures meet, but without local influence of her culture many times it saves the relationship.