Colombia Engagement, Marriage or LTR Theft in Progress

There comes a time when you decide to take the relationship further by way of marriage or engagement. Usually this is done first off because you feel that you love her, you feel that you can trust her and want to live with her back in the states. Its funny that most Colombian American relationships go very well while in Colombia. it is the atmosphere or the fact that she is close to everyone still. It could be the feel of being on vacation for you and all those amazing places. I mean Medellin is a beautiful city, it really is. Not so much the buildings and housing, but the natural parts of it, the green grass, the finca areas. If you happen to land in the daytime in Medellin, you will have a breath taking ride down to the city, not to mention an amazing breeze coming in off the mountains.

Some people will understand that being there is clearly the honeymoon and it’s tough to dent. Plus she is on her best behavior since she knows in a couple weeks you are gone and she will likely have missed the temptation that flows daily through the neighborhood, workplace or college.

The moment you leave, whether married, engaged or just LTR, the theft prospects will rise because there becomes a greater challenge. The challenge is the fact that she is with a gringo and he must be on his best game to get her. it could be that he feels since she is with a gringo she must be prime or whatever the reason behind it is. Her temptations will flow 10 fold. Men from all over will be trying to steal her. There is little respect for the marriage and even less for the engagement.

There is a high chance that she will at least bang one of them, perhaps it was a sort of going out with friends and after drinking a bit, she is going home with him. It could be a homework buddy at the college, or a coworker.

One of toughest challenges ahead gringos face is the amount of time it takes going through the process and worse if you don’t have the funds to show up at a minimum of every two months. She is horny, she needs to bang, banging among friends can be highly common in countries with less money and little to do.

Since when men cheat it is physical and easy to hide, but when women cheat it is usually emotional, the day of arrival will be easy to tell if she has been screwing around. Sometimes to the point where she will miss them and begin to question her flight to begin with, but A flight to USA is more of a temptation even if its just for 3 months. She may not even take the flight and file for divorce to marry her newly found man locally. It will go around through friends that she is now married or engaged to a gringo and her prospects will increase greatly leaving a better chance leaving.