Colombian Gringo Marriage Experience Interview

Colombian-Gringo Marriage Experiences

The following is an interview with Jeff in Virginia, who was married to Colombian girl for around 1 year. We have many more experience interviews coming over the next few months.

Where did you meet her?

I met Elizabeth in Medellin through a dating agency.

Did you stay at the agency where you met her?

No. I actually got a hotel in Poblado very close to the agency. I actually didn’t feel confortable with the bed and breakfast the agency offered so I decided just to use their dating services.

How was your experience overall in the agency?

It was ok. I met around 4 different girls, the way they had it set up was around 2 dates per day. I only had 5 days total for my first trip in Medellin.  Before the trip I had a good idea of who I was going to meet if they were available. When I arrived they had some new girls, one of which I was interested and went to dinner with her on the second night.

Can you tell us how the other dates went before Elizabeth?

Well 2 were very good looking in fact I went out with one of the others ones more than once. The first night that I arrived, this one attractive girl around 26 came to dinner with me on a Thursday night and stayed in the hotel with me until 1pm the next day. I had to rush out to meet my lunch date that afternoon.  She was hot, we had a ton of sex that night. I didn’t think she was at all serious, it seemed to me she was out for a good time only. It was worth it though. The next date seemed desperate for a husband, she wanted to study in the United States. I went to lunch and never called again.

What was your first date like with Elizabeth?

It was nice, I was pleasantly surprised. She had long reddish brown hair and those sexy tight Colombian jeans on. She seemed like a nice girl. At the time she was 24. We went to eat at a small restaurant in Poblado close to the Hotel. She spoke enough English to understand her well. She told me that she had no family, that her parents had died and her only relative was in another area of Colombia. She lived with a friend.

When did you decide to pop the question?

It was actually on the second trip down around 2 months later. We had communicated by phone and internet the whole time I was away. It felt really good to be with her. I bought a small diamond ring and gave it to her at the restaurant in the Hotel.

Did you marry in the United States or Colombia?

Since she had no family in Colombia, it didn’t really make sense so we did the fiancé visa which took 6 months total. As soon as she arrived in the U.S. around 3 weeks later we went to the Courthouse and got married.

How was it when she finally arrived?

Well the first few weeks were strange, it seemed different from when we were in Colombia. I felt like she was different, I’m not sure how. We went to the supermarket and she only wanted organic foods, she wasn’t simple at all. I bought the organic foods to try and make her feel better. It was around 2 to 3 months after the marriage she said she was bored. She wanted some friends. I was pretty new to Virginia also so I didn’t have hardly any friends around either.  But honestly even if I did I don’t think that was the real problem. She then asked to move to Miami which there was no way I could do. I had just gotten transferred here to Virginia.  Her behavior started changing rapidly and we started arguing all the time. She had a violent temper and even grabbed a knife in the kitchen at me once.  It was around 7 months in when I knew it was over. She was either going to Miami or back to Colombia. She had a couple friends in Miami she had mentioned, but I think they were married also. I started to hate to come home with her there after work. I knew this problem was irrevocable and she had to be out. I couldn’t just throw her out, so I offered to get her a ticket to Colombia. She said with nothing more?

I contacted a lawyer and he advised me to offer her 5 thousand plus a ticket to leave. I wasn’t thrilled, her only being here for not even a year and I had to pay this kind of money seemed crazy. In any event I offered her 3 thousand she said no. I then told her 5k was the limit and she accepted. I brought her to the lawyers office, she signed a few papers and took the cash. I bought her ticket and drove her to the airport, it was done…

Did you do any paperwork for the green card?

No, we never got around to that. One thing is for sure, she wasn’t here for the papers. She just changed real bad on me. I mean it was like night and day difference. Almost like it was another girl here after the 6 month visa wait.

Would you consider marrying another Colombian girl?

Yes, In fact I am currently dating 1 from Medellin that I had met on the very same dating site. This time I will take my time to pop the question and make sure she doesn’t have this double personality. There is a risk in everything you do. Whether I marry a girl from here or from there, it poses the same risk of divorce.

Did you feel safe while in Medellin?

For the most part I did. I did see some crazy things  and some people that I wouldn’t want to hang out with in the 2 trips I was there but nothing to stop me from returning. I believe if your somewhat street smart, you’ll be fine over there.

What advice would you give fellow gringos in their journey to find a Colombian wife?

I would have to say to take your time. Don’t rush into the first one you see. Really get to know her much more than what I did. I really had no idea of who Elizabeth really was. Go out with a several woman to learn more about them and the differences of each one. Read this website to learn the right questions to ask. I didn’t ask hardly any questions at all about future things.