Colombian-Gringo Marriage Experiences 2

The following is an interview with Tim in Georgia, who was married to Colombian girl for around 5 years now. We have many more experience interviews coming over the next few months.

Where did you meet Maria?

I met Maria in Medellin through a dating agency.
Did you stay at the agency where you met her?
I did. The first 2 trips I stayed right at the agency. Some of the things were good while others were bad. A good thing was that I saw all the new girls coming in. I don’t speak any Spanish at all so the agency helped me with a translator, very expensive but I really needed it.
How was your experience overall in the agency?

The only good thing I can say about the agency is that I did meet my wife through them. The taxis they set you up with are complete rip offs, giving huge bills at the end of the stay. Absolutely recommend against using their taxis. I also recommend staying somewhere more private rather than the agency. I mean some things were cool, like one afternoon I was relaxing with nothing to do, and this girl walked in that was updating her file or something. I invited her into the pool and she accepted. About 30 minutes later we were fucking like crazy in my room. She was a hot 26 year old, was dating a few gringos from the agency but said nothing serious yet. This was my 3rd day at the agency.

I actually met Maria on my first night in Medellin. saved me from going to Baranquilla and recommended this place in Medellin since I was only going for 1 week. The agency tried to sell me a package deal, but I declined and just bought several addresses that they set me up with the first night. I went to dinner with 4 girls and my translator. It was crazy! 3 were hot and it was tough deciding. I called that night after the dates and explained and again they helped me tremendously in making what turned out to be the right decision. I was actually leaning toward one that was slightly hotter with big tits. I had to realize that it was more than just that. So the next night I went out one on one with Maria and asked several important questions with the translator. She was very sweet, I told her about me, and we had a great time. I told her that if there is any type of craziness, jealousness I would leave. I am 52 and she is 31, I cannot deal with the jealousness bullshit at this stage of the game. I went out that week for lunch with a couple others but I knew Maria was the one. Very simple, school teacher no kids, good family both parents still married.

What was your first time like in Medellin?
The agency picked me up at the airport and we went straight through to the place, so I really didn’t get to see so much of Medellin my first day. The next day, I was able to check out Poblado and to be honest I really only stayed in Poblado. No Spanish, I didn’t want to drift off to far from home base. It seems like a place you want to go to and get out of there as soon as possible. Not too much to do during the day for me anyways. Maria actually took me around to a few sites but really stayed around the Poblado area and got to know each other. After a few days she invited me to meet her family and that was nice.
When did you decide to pop the question?
I visited Maria every month for a week per month. It was the 3rd month that I asked her to marry me. While I was in the states we communicated by phone every night and maintained the relationship that way.

Did you marry in the United States or Colombia?

We wanted to see if she liked it first in the United States and to be honest we thought the fiancé visa would be faster. I had a small issue with a signature on the visa paperwork so that delayed it around 1 month. Other than that it was smooth and she was here in less than 7 months. I handled the visa myself, well I actually paid 100.00 and they walked me through each step. It was great, Originally I thought to get a lawyer and they charge around 1,500.00 so it was a huge savings.

How was it when Maria finally arrived?

Well Maria was great. She adjusted real well, She is just happy to be at my side every day. While I am working Maria stays home and cooks, cleans, talks with her family. Just recently she started teaching part time so she has something to do. We will not have children so not a problem for her to go and work also. Life is great, my only regrets is that I didn’t do it sooner.
Did you do any paperwork for the green card?
After the 2 months we married here in Georgia and immediately filed for the adjustment of status. Her family had visas already, so they have visited us for around 1 month already. Occasionally we travel back to Colombia for a few days. The relationship is excellent.

Would you consider marrying another Colombian girl?

Well right now I wouldn’t even think of it, I am very happy with Maria, however I totally recommend anyone who is contemplating marrying a Colombian girl to go for it. Just be very careful in your selection and you’ll be set like I am.

Did you feel safe while in Medellin?

I felt safer the first few trips, but after getting married my wife explained to me many things that I never thought. So asking me now if I feel safe in Medellin, the answer is absolutely no. Anyone who says different just grew to feel safe there and probably just skid right by. Just be careful, don’t do stupid things be smart when you’re out and you should be fine.
I also wanted to thank for all the useful help they really did provide me. I would have lost a lot of money if it wasn’t for them.