Colombian Women Really That Friendly?

So many guys say that Colombian women are friendly and I tend to agree for the most part. Motives aside and in comparison to the North American woman, Colombian women are surely friendly. However there is a few things that come to mind when putting this into perspective.

To start with when you ask a North American girl out and she dislikes you from the first look, she will usually make that obvious and give you a dirty no thanks. On the other hand a Colombian woman might give the wrong impression, she might lead you on and go on the date or even give you a fake number or a fake email address rather then being rude off the bat like the local ones. Worse off a huge issue that I notice in Colombia is that both men and women tend to keep around old boyfriends or girlfriends, for those lonely nights or for whatever reason, if you pay attention this is common ground. is is highly likely that those amigos she has has around might have at one time been sexual with her. In the states when it’s over it’s over, mind you it might take a few months to finally end but for most people its done and over without the midnight texts. In Colombia, you could be having a lonely night and out of the blue call an ex or one of your friends and as luck would have it, a once lonely night might be sharing breakfast in the morning.

Getting led on by Colombian women happens all the time and it can be very hard to distinguish for gringos since the US ladies make it real clear and blunt. The gringo assumes because she is being so nice, that she genuinely likes him. This could be another reason adding on to the previous post of “No Show No Call”. The Colombian woman will still go out with you as a friend which tends to clash with the gringo culture. I mean how many gringas go out with guys alone as friends when it started as asking on a date.

I remember in Pereira, this cousin of the girl who helped out at my house rental was hot. I really wanted to date her, but she was waiting on a Spain visa. While in the house, she undressed naked in front of me, walked to the bathroom to shower totally nude, she agreed to go on dates, I even took her to Manizales with me. She never once did anything sexual with me and I tried a few times, I asked her to come with me to a motel, I moved in for a kiss, she layed in bed with me to talk and oddly enough no action. All this is ok with me and understandable, but what threw me off was the fact that she got naked in front of me, pussy lips, nipples and all. Even sat down naked less than 3 feet from me with the legs open and really super hot. It got to the point that I didn’t understand why she would make me horny just to say no. Which, while strange, in a place like Pereira is fine, absolute no shortage of dates or beautiful women everywhere. So it was easy enough, she made me horny and I took home another date that same evening. I began getting used to her walking around nude in the house and stopped giving her the courtesy of trying after around 3rd try it was evident that she had no intentions of banging, becoming a girlfriend or whatever. This was the very first experience like this. However I did notice that Colombian women will accept dates knowing they do not want to be romantic with the guy. Why? Who knows, but that’s the way it is.