Date With A Cam Girl

You have checked out the dating sites and had enough of the bullshit weeding through the prostitutes, pro daters and scammers. Time is of the essence your scheduled trip is coming up but still no luck with anyone worth while on the high volume dating sites. Or maybe your just sick of spending a few weeks at a time with one you thought was decent only to find out she is fucking some dude from Europe or another part of the states while your trip is still a few weeks out. That’s a bummer because you banked it all on that one babe and she became worthless running around with the first guy that comes down. Now you have to start over, which is fine for some guys, some have a few hours a day to devote to sending out emails, chatting online and basically trying to connect with someone else.

It all boils down to what I have stated before. It’s important to have more than one contact prior to your trip. More times then not, that one girl you have banked on anything can happen upon arrival. Chemistry is one, face to face you don’t like her, you realized she is all about the cash, she don’t like you (rare but happens), she is too dominant and drives you crazy, the skeletons come out, you find that she just probably would not be the right person to bring back to the States among many other variables that can come out while meeting the first time face to face. I personally have met with a girl I thought was a 10 on the cam, and upon arrival she was at least 35 pounds overweight. Another one that was a 10 but turned out she wanted a take out bag for each of the whole family from the restaurant and was clearly a money girl. I had chatted with her for weeks prior and didn’t have a clue until first meet up. It’s common and those that bank on 1 girl will end up spending way to much time and money on many trips just to find the right one.

You decided to take a chance on a cam girl, or maybe you were horny and wanted to check out some Latin chicks and ran into a site like this one, loaded with nude or half nude Colombian girls and you started to talk to a few of them, they were nice. Some of them working on the cams are genuinely nice and decided to take that job so she didn’t have to go another darker route and the normal job schedule didn’t work with her college schedule. Now, it’s not even funny how many are working the cam sites that are from Medellin. Personally I have met at least 20 that worked for cam sites in the last 2 years. Some work there for only 1 day, 1 week, month or end up doing well and staying. Most do not do well or realize quickly that it’s not for them. It has become another portal for guys that want to meet Medellin girls. In some cases it’s an even cheaper route than spending monthly fees for dating sites and probably less prostitutes going that route.

Most will not speak to you if you don’t at least tip her a few bucks, or if she is very busy on the site. Others will be happy to talk with you even for free without spending a dime, problem is that she cannot give her email or phone number through the public end of the site, they will terminate her for that. So you may have to go private with her, it costs around 1.99 per minute and you can ask her before if she will give her number in private with you. 99% will give the number in a second or she may try to drag the private out to 5 or 10 minutes before giving out info. Remember that this is a job and you don’t want to be an asshole by killing her work time with other clients, just so you get to know her. Believe me she has assholes all day long in her room, begging for free shows, telling her they love her and so on, you don’t want to be one of those guys, show a little class and you will at least come out with a number or email. Remember she might not be working the next week or day even.