Dating Mistake Choosing Between 2 Girls

I have several nice lady friends in Bogota and one in particular that goes by the name of Bibi. I consider Bibi a good friend still to this day. I have now known Bibi for more than 8 years and she has since gotten married to a Colombian guy she met out of the blue and seems to be very happy. I originally met Bibi through a dating site as I was searching for Bogota girls and it was one of those things that she looked exactly like my type through the msn and emails but upon arrival although very nice just wasn’t my fit physically. We met in the day time, went to lunch, spent the day I took her to dinner and have since invited her to go out with myself, friends with their dates, my dates and Bibi is always happy to come along and have a great time.

Personally while in Colombia, I enjoy going out with several people to dinner or a club at the same time. In fact when I am with friends I often invite several girls to join us even if we all have dates. Sometimes I will be with a couple of cheap bastards that aren’t happy about sharing the bill with me because there were 3 or 4 extra girls with us and they already had dates. What they seem to forget is that it’s possible some day when they need a date, they too will have a friend floating around that very well may be able to help them find a quick date or anything they should need while staying in Bogota. Having trust worthy friends in Colombia, both girl and guy friends are a great asset in a foreign country.

Some guys just don’t understand those things and prefer to be alone at dinner. Don’t worry guys, even with the extra girls at the table, your gonna be alone with your woman shortly after. Some guys just always want that romantic alone time which is cool as well and just because there are others at the table doesn’t mean you can’t zone in on yours and start making out.

With that being said, these nights can also backfire as well which has happened to me and took me a few times getting burned to learn my lesson.  In fact it was a time I asked Bibi if she had any single friends at her Insurance company, she did. So she gave me their msn’s and I started chatting with both of them through msn the week prior to flying in. I liked both of them, I really wasn’t sure which one I preferred over the other. I ended up setting up a date with one of them for the first night and telling Bibi to set up a date for all of us on the second night which was Saturday with the other one only.

The problem was that the second one knew I was flying in on Friday and since Bibi worked with her, she told her where we were going on that Friday and that I had another date. Which by the way, to me is fine. I am very open when I first start meeting them and advising them that I have other plans on the first night or certain days. I think they prefer that, as they too are dating several guys as well whether from the dating sites or not.

The first one also wanted Bibi to come along on the Friday date. So in essence Bibi would be going out joining us on both nights which is totally fine with me, I have no problem buying her dinners and drinks any nights she wants to join me out, even if she brings another friend of hers I really don’t mind. I really don’t think my dates mind either if there are some others joining us at the table. It usually always makes for a great night out. Countless times in Medellin I would be entering a restaurant on Via Las Palmas usually San Carbon, and some friends would be at a large table in the middle and invite us to join them as well and we gladly accept the offer.

A good friend of mine was also in Bogota that week so I invite him to join us and earlier I had told Bibi that he would be joining us also and it would be great if she asked yet another girl that she knew to come. It was a toss up because he will have had no previous contact or emails with this girl but hey at least he would have some other girls around to talk to.

We all arrive at H Sasoon in el parque. We get a table upstairs and we all order, I ordered the awesome duck they have, my date orders some steak, we get some appetizers and a chilled bottle of white wine. We are having a blast, my date was nice, pretty but not a total knock out. She was very submissive and really not obnoxious or money hungry in any way. She seemed to be a truly nice girl. I leaned over for a kiss several times and got a kiss, just no tongue action. I started to share some of my food with her and she loved it. The whole table was having a great time, laughs, enjoying the food, it was great.

We spend a couple nice hours eating and decide to hit this happening lounge type place with a live band located not too far from the Sasoon.

At this point, I still have not had any tongue action with mine, just smaller kisses here and there. She was super nice but  not as attractive as what I am used too which by the way is a mistake. I quickly learned its nice to have a super hot girl, but much nicer to have a good looking girl that is nice, submissive, un-abrasive and honest. I am sucker for a perfect ass, light skin and long black shiny hair.

We get to the lounge at around 10:00pm and find a nice table on the side, we all sit down order some drinks, the music was cool playing a nice cross over from 80’s to Juanes. I am sitting there with my date on this bench like seat although close, not as close as usual this far into a date.

It was 10:20pm and I see Bibi answer her phone and she says girl number 2 is there, Clara my date that was already set up for Saturday night. I said what, no way? She said yeah, I thought wow, how is this gonna go down. She walked in with a girl friend of hers and they both sit down at the table. She shakes my hand and introduces herself, she is around 5’2″ short brown hair but really sexy and a super tight body with that gap that I love so much. She is wearing these white and brown checkered style tight pants and a nice shirt, looking amazing and really much hotter than the one I was with.

My buddy see’s the whole thing going on and is shaking his head in disbelief and hand signaling holy shit girl number 2 is super hot.

We pour her some of the vodka that is going around the table, her friend also takes her jacket off and introduces herself but really below average in the looks department.

We talk for a few minutes while mine is still close with me just happy to be there. Girl number 2 asks me to dance and I accept. We start dancing and a make out kiss happens quickly into the dance. I can only imagine how my girl felt at that moment. I realized that I should not have done that, and have learned since then to never do something like that again. We finished the dance and 5 minute make out kiss while dancing and I sit back down with my girl and amazingly she is fine and doesn’t say a word. My date gets up to use the restroom and girl number 2 Clara comes over and starts making out more gets me up to dance more. I am going along with it and it turns into non stop make out sessions, the girl I’m with tells Bibi she is going to go, but to tell me she had a great time and that she would love to go out again, that she understood what happened. Wow!!

Another hour passes and we are still making out and I am thinking how great its gonna be tonight taking this girl back to my hotel. Total fail!

Bibi had left by now, my friends date had left and now it was me, him, Clara and her friend. The good news is the place was still packed. It wasn’t too much longer and Clara says she needs to go, completely turned off I accepted and walked them to the taxi asking her to come back to my room first and she totally declined. It was almost as if she did all that just to screw up any chances I had with the other date for the night. I felt played, the thing Clara did not realize is the place was still packed and I was staying with my friend a while longer.

We hung out for another hour and while dancing with some other girls, we did not hook up that night. While a fun night overall, it could have been much better. I should never had let girl number 1 go and I felt bad about it, in fact even though she wanted to go out again, I refused as I just didn’t feel right looking at her after what happened.

Bottom line is when it rains it pours almost always. It never fails that other girls are very interested in you while you are with a girl. I remember growing up in NY dating and having far too many dates in a week or not having any going through what we called back then dry weeks. If you have a guaranteed thing on your lap don’t throw it away for a girl that is just playing you.