Dating Skill: Self Control And Patience

It’s a been a while since you had a girlfriend or gotten laid. You started your search for a Latina and now you have movie star looking bodies that are willing to jump in the sack with you, that are giving you attention that you have never received before, that are younger and more beautiful than you ever have imagined. Self Control and patience is essential and very important if you decide to embark on this journey.

When this happens it begins to get difficult to make a decision that she is just not right for you. You become blinded by all of those amazing qualities she has but somehow casually forget that she is a socialite nut, or a money hungry bitch.

Once starting this journey you have to get into your head that it is completely different from all of your previous getting lucky encounters with the local babes. Do not be desperate, women can smell desperation a mile away and will take advantage of that every chance they can get. You have to remember that even if you get rid of the first 10 girls that contacted you, there are thousands more way better that fit your needs. Some guys try to adjust there needs to much in order to make a bitch seem like a right choice. A bitch is a bitch no matter what way you look at it, even if she has the nicest ass in the world.

I have gone out with perfect 10’s that were the biggest bitches that I couldn’t get rid of fast enough. Yes, it was tempting as hell try and further things just to get some action with that 10. But after experiencing how much of a nightmare an incompatible girl is, it’s simply not worth it.

If you find one that keeps talking about how much she wants to go the University in U.S. if she ever makes it here, take her word for it, then really think about it. Do you want to marry a hot babe that wants to spend 2-4 more years in a University when arriving in the U.S. Is she worth the thousands it would cost to do that? Will you be ok that she makes friends with her other classmates all of which will want to bang her. Don’t be desperate. Understand that this clearly will not work. Does the girl you are dating love to go out every single weekend like it’s an obligation? Do not think you will change that. She will also be dragging you out and driving you nuts every single weekend. So many guys think they will change these girls and it doesn’t happen, just like these girls will not really change you either. You may change a couple things for the short run but really change, no.

Instead of being compulsive and jumping at the first one that you think likes you, use your head, self control and patience, speak and meet with others, find a girl that is compatible otherwise your just wasting time.