Dating With A Tall Thin Girl With Black Straight Hair

A friend of mine and myself were in Bogota for about a week, so before the trip I worked on making some Bogota lady friends prior to flying out. So I had met a few online that seemed fine. One in particular that caught my attention, she was a tall thin girl with black straight hair and we chatted for several days prior to the trip. Saturday night came around and we both called our dates but his couldn’t make it. I hate when that happens and you get stuck trying to hook up while out, although in Bogota seems to be much easier at times depending where you go.

He was aggravated so I told him don’t worry, come out with us and we’ll try to hook you up while out. It was around 9pm and mine showed up, got out of the taxi and she had these long front ended high up to her knees pink Peter Pan boots. My friend looked at me and laughed, I thought holy shit what a freak. Keep in mind the boots didn’t match at all anything she she had on, it was the most odd thing I had seen in Bogota aside from the one time I saw a chick get out of a taxi and step on her dress and the whole thing came down like a bullet. She was standing in panties only and her entire tits out in a heavily lit crowded area of parque 82 in Bogota. I’m sure she was totally freaked out. So when you looked at my date all you could really see were these boots from all angles. I figured ok, fuck it lets go and enjoy ourselves. So we go to Hard Rock Cafe in Atlantis Plaza, I pay the taxi and there was a huge line. My friend is trying to make sure no one thinks this is his date, so he is kinda walking to the far left side. It was the funniest thing watching the whole line look at us and down at her boots, then look back at me I guess to see who the guy was with the girl in the freaky boots. Anyhow I just figured what’s the big deal, let them stare. So we eat a few of the great hard rock burgers and fries and have a couple drinks and we were off to a cool casual bar around 10 minutes away. Again everyone is staring at these boots and us, it was impossible not to notice. I’m trying to convince myself that this chick is hot under these clothes and would be a great bang. So we get a table next to the stage area and plenty of single chicks around. We have a decent night, watch the live band. I make a few moves and get a couple of make out sessions with this girl. So at this point it was around 1am, my friend wasn’t hooking up. We grab a cab back to the hotel and while in the cab this girl says she will be going back to her place. So we get to the hotel and she stays in that cab. I tell my friend come on lets go back out and try to hook up. We grab another cab as she left. We go back out to a different area and have a few more drinks and no luck. It was one of those shit Saturday nights in Colombia.

We decide to call it a night, and upon arriving at the hotel, we go up to the rooms and all of a sudden my phone rings and its the front desk clerk saying that someone was there for me. I run downstairs and sure enough I see from the side those big pink Peter Pan boots. I walk over and she says, do you have someone in your room? I said no, she said I saw you leave after I left. I said oh yeah, we went out for a few minutes again. She said I know you have someone in your room. I said no really I don’t. She said show me. So I said sure, lets go. We get up to the room and she see’s that no one is there and surprisingly she gets on the bed, low and behold we start banging. I was amazed that such a shit night turned into this. After I was thinking did she really do this out of jealous actions, or did she think twice about not going back with me the first go around. It’s such a bum feeling going back to the room alone while in Colombia, even worse on a Saturday night