Do You Like Dark Skinned Or Light Skinned Colombian Women?

Skin color in Colombia comes up sometimes in conversations, whether in Medellin, Bogota, Cali, or any city in Colombia there is a mixture of beautiful women of all skin colors.  Coming from New York originally I was always attracted to the olive skinned girls, those girls for some reason usually had the nicest curviest asses and the jeans always seemed to creep up slightly. This was before the huge influx of South American women in the New York area. Now certain areas are full of Brazilians such as Elizabeth, New Jersey and other areas are known for Colombians like Queens Village or North Bergan, New Jersey. Even the typical olive skinned girls have a hard time keeping up with the extreme curves of the South Americans.

What do you call the different skin types in Spanish

White Rubia light skinned girls, sometimes with skin so light that it is tough to tell if they are white American or not.

Canela skin which is kind of like olive, but more on the canela side means cinnamon in Spanish.

Morena skin which is like a darker color not black, but more on the darker side, usually with black hair. Lots of moms will refer to the black haired daughters as Morena.

Black Colombians can be slightly darker then morena to a dark black looking skin. Some of the prettiest black girls I have seen have been in Colombia.

Which skin colors are better looking in Colombia

They all have a sexy look in their own specific way. I normally end up with the lighter skinned girls usually in the canela category and have dated a few super hot morena girls. I love the long black hair but surprisingly aside from a Cali girlfriend and a few short term girls, I never end up with the long black haired girls which is by far the sexiest feature in Colombia.

One of the girls I know in Medellin, is probably the most honest Colombian woman I have met to this day. She is a beautiful morena, curvy ass with black hair and a great girl personality wise.

What makes Americans so attracted to Colombian Women

The saying opposites attract comes to mind. After living several years in Colombia, now I have come to see and appreciate how beautiful blue eyes are on many American girls but few Colombians. However before traveling as much as I did, I thought how amazing those black and brown eyes were. It was an opposite attraction. Or the wider gap in between the thighs that we lacked in the United States. The long back hair and the amazing asses. Now I see it was more of a mixture between finding a non feminist woman that still enjoys family life, plus the strong attraction which is no longer an issue in the states as the doors to the States continues to stay open.

What are your experiences with the different skin colored girls in Colombia? Which is your preference?