Dominican Journals US Wedding Moving Closer

Spoke in length with my good friend Patrick last night. He just returned from another long weekend in Santiago Dominican Republic. Things are still moving strong since the Dominican wedding and time is moving closer until she is ready to arrive in the USA.

I was happy to hear that things are still doing well with her and that he was able to see a different side of her this trip that he had not seen previously which was to see how she was when he is sick. On this trip he flew down with a cold that actually got worse upon arrival so although it sucks to be sick, he was able to see if her Latina care giver part came out and she really took good care of him.

She actually walked all the way down the street to get some soup and carried it back on a tray for him, she made hot tea in the room for him and seemed to do the things we all want with a wife when sick. Whatever else she did, this trip he was very happy with her actions. It seems to me that things will surely stay well in the US for them.

We started talking about some of the beautiful girls we dated previously in Medellin and how spoiled you become as soon as you start doing that. He said he remembered a quote I made a long time ago saying that we are here dating the some of the most beautiful girls int he world, how can we go back to the states and start dating average girls again. He was happy that he is with a hot looking 29 year old that is far from the average looking girls around in the States. With all the bad experiences in Medellin trying to find a good wife, if he would have given up he might have had to drop down a notch or two in the looks category which would suck.

Yeah I know, looks aren’t everything. It’s true, but really why can’t you have both a good woman and the hot looks. Why settle for less and be turned off when having sex? He was persistent and tried another city in another country that worked for him. It was all because years earlier he had dated a hot half Dominican girl in NYC that he always remembered, so why not fly right to the source. They are still waiting on the visa approval, but think it will be on time for a November arrival .

If you guys have any questions for Patrick about the DR, post in the comments and he will gladly answer them for you.