Don’t Forget To Call Your Date When You Get To The Room

Sometimes we wait longer than anticipated for our next getaway and no matter what that getaway is for its sometimes best to get laid upon arrival prior to doing anything else. All that stress built up from working day in and day out or just dealing with the local gringas playing you far too long. When you know you are arriving in a place that has some of the hottest women in the world, it’s always a great thing to break the ice shortly after arrival.

Even for those of us with many friends in the country we are headed, getting laid is usually a no brainer within one hour of arrival. Almost like when in Thailand it’s crazy not to experience one of those famous 4 hour massages for a few bucks on a day that really nothing else is going on. If you get one on the day you arrive, you will normally get another one or two during your stay.

If your lovely lady is awaiting you at the airport great, you should be all set. However if she is going to meet you a few hours later that’s another story.

If that’s the case then the best thing to do for many guys is to check in rapidly, hang the clothes in the closet lock the door and head down to the lobby and get a cab.

Every taxi driver whether in Rio, Sau Paulo, Medellin, Bogota, Cali, Panama city, Buenos Aires, Costa Rica or Periera it doesn’t matter, they know where the action is at. Keep in mind it’s better to do a little online research prior to your trip so you get a better idea of pricing, locations and what exactly to expect. Some taxi drivers will only take you to tourist type places which are just that, very high priced geared to rob the gringo type places.

Every now and then you will get a taxi driver that will bring you to a gem of a place that only certain locals know about. So if you did not do your research you will have to take a gamble and rely on this taxista to take you to the right place. What you want to do is ask him to wait outside for a minute, you can run in take a look at the girls, quickly ask for pricing and if all is well, then run outside pay the taxi guy and your set. If you don’t like the place or it’s looks shady then simply leave in that same cab and move on to another place in the same vicinity.

These places are normally right on the main roads for the most part and from the looks of it appear to be legal since they sport major signage and are usually listed in the local yellow pages. Not all but many are.

You walk in, take a seat and sometimes they will bring ladies out one at a time to introduce themselves, make sure if you see one you like to remember the name. It’s real easy to forget when they bring out 20 ladies one at a time, often 2 with the same names.

Other places like Rio that have Terma’s is a much different scenario as for one you leave your clothes in a locker before entering the bar area. It’s funny to see a bunch of foreign guys standing at the bar in robes, but Termas are an awesome concept and work well for those inbetween times or times you just want to relax a bit mid day and they are usually full of very hot women.

Personally for myself and many guys that I travel with we like this routine as it kills the first few hours of arrival. It works well and after you are done with breaking the first hour ice, get back to the hotel, shower up and your real date will be arriving shortly.

Don’t forget to call your date when you get to the room prior to leaving in the taxi, so she knows everything is set for when she is supposed to arrive. Don’t worry most dates are at least 30 minutes to hour late so you have plenty of time to get laid within the fist hour of arrival.

If your flight arrives at around 7pm something like this might be difficult to pull off and you will just have to wait for your date and chill out in the room, but if you are arriving at 2, 3 , 4 or 5pm its perfect. Just watch at 5pm the traffic is horrendous and the place needs to be close by.