Euphoric Moments: The First Time Dating In Colombia Or Any South American Country

A very cool moment for alot of guys is the first time they show up in Colombia or any South American country for that matter. If they did it right they will already have some dates lined up and at least one special girl that has maintained communication daily or even skype or msn video every night.

I remember various occasions that I have gone with friends and it was their first time, I always remember my first time flying in as well. For those that really don’t have a clue of what to expect and have been hanging out with very average looking girls or have never even dated a hot Latina.

The day hits fast enough and the flight arrives the buildup gets stronger as you get to the hotel and make the call. The girl shows up and she is ten times hotter in person than she appeared on cam with the body of a playboy model. Everyone takes off to dinner and that first time gringo is for the first time ever noticing things that just never happen on all those dates he experiences the years earlier. The girl is actually making moves on him, she is the one reaching under his sleeve and giving all kinds of affection, she is the one leaning in for a kiss right at the table. The first timer is in a state of euphoria, he is thinking how incredible this is, he is also thinking what took so long to find this paradise. A few seconds more pass and the sucking face continues, in fact the language difference wouldn’t even phase either one of them. At this point of the euphoric moment, the gringo is thinking holy shit, I am going to be banging this 23 year old 10 tonight. Having his arm around her waist at the table he can feel the small string of this babes panties. The restaurant is packed but he doesn’t even notice as the zone is so strong focused only on his woman.

The first timer isn’t saying much although he looks over and gives a thumbs up. The girl gets up and walks to the bathroom and the gringo is checking out his new fine babe walking away. All he can think is how much the rules have changed. I can’t think of a better time than a first night in a new South American country meeting your first truly beautiful babe with zero games. Sitting at the outdoor table with the perfect breeze, maybe sharing a bottle of wine or having a cocktail, sushi at the table or whatever food you chose, it really doesn’t matter. The moment cannot be beat, the blood is flowing and although you want to get back to the room to peel those jeans off of her, you take your time and soak it all in knowing that room moment will be soon enough…