Finding A New Colombian Lady For A Girlfriend

Many guys think that they will automatically find a Colombian woman just for the simple fact of flying into to Medellin or wherever in Colombia they are going. Finding a Colombian woman is not nearly as easy as it used to be with the novelty factor of being one of the only gringos in town. Now or days gringos are a common sight and blend in much more in the cities such as Medellin or Bogota. In fact Bogota has become very difficult for most single gringos just walking around trying to hookup. I remember the days around 7 years ago in Bogota, noticing a girl you like through the crowd, walking over and simple. This still goes on, but not nearly as much.

While in some cases guys do fly in and meet a normal girl to date all week or even become a couple, this is much harder in today’s world for several reasons. If you don’t do things right, you may end up having a horrible boring week in Colombia or totally waste your time and trip. Oh and believe me, Colombia is one of the most boring places a single guy could be without a girlfriend. There is only so much you can do besides the hit the few museums and the gym and maybe catch a movie at the local mall. Otherwise you’ll find yourself downloading movies online just to kill the time. Nothing like all the conveniences we have in the United States that at least keep us occupied if need be.

If you are going to spend a couple months in Colombia, it might be easier for you, depending on how open you are in speaking with girls around certain areas.

While sometimes the pickings are slim or the amount of bad girls are overwhelming, it is imperative to use the dating sites always before your flight. However just using the dating sites sounds easier said than done. What happens typically is the guy will go on the dating site, write a bunch of letters and one of the girls letters will overpower the others and that guy will end up throwing away all the others that showed interest with a response.

Naturally the guy thinks, she is great and why should I have to communicate with the others as well. Why? To start with, nobody looks the same on cam than they do in person. In fact those cams make the ugliest girls look good. Believe me, I have met up with total cows that looked amazing on cam. Lesson learned, never believe a cam. Secondly chemistry online is alot easier then true chemistry in person. This is human nature, you cannot force chemistry, it’s either it works or it doesn’t and in many cases with online dating, that initial meet up will prove to be all wrong just from the clash of energy or chemistry.

Be smart about it, be honest about it. Don’t worry she will not hate you for being in contact with others at the same time. Anyone human would understand that prior to an actual meet, there cannot be love. Yes it can be exciting, infatuating and feel amazing, but without the real meet up, its nothing. Those feeling of excitement are the ones that Colombian girls use in order to extract money of that is their goal. They are more familiar with the reality than you think. They are the ones that are getting 100 letters a day, they are the ones getting promises from guys that they will fly in but never do catch a flight. For that reason they pour on the special manipulation in order to try and get your blood flowing for her way before you fly in so that she can use that power in whatever way she needs. Perhaps it’s money. Remember she will get money out of at least 1 of 10 guys. Crazy thing, is these 10 guys have turned off their profiles in an effort to be fiel, loyal to the new found online girlfriend.

In order to have a successful week in Colombia, you need to gather at least 5 friends online, get minimum 5 numbers which should be easy enough with a little effort. If you are serious about meeting someone, you will put in the extra effort to do it right. At least with 5 your chances will be much greater to find at least 1 that might work out, for at least the week.